15 and feel lonely at school. No friends.?

15 and feel lonely at school. No friends.? Topic: 15 and feel lonely at school. No friends.?
May 24, 2019 / By Val
Question: Im 15 year old girl, and in school i have no friends and I feel really lonely. Im very shy and i don't talk so much. I keep my self for me. I don't really go that much over to the other girls anymore. Today i tried to hang out with them a little, but its like they all ignore me or give me mean answers. I don't feel happy at all. And when i say something, I ALWAYS get a cold or mean answer or look! :( :S I hate going to school know, things have changed and i don't have any friends and i feel lonely, Its all my fault, im too quit and im weird, that's probably the reason why they don't hang out with me or even want to talk to me, they don't want to work with me at school homework's! :( i hate my life.. :S i have friends out of the school, its only at school they are mean.
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Rolo Rolo | 7 days ago
it's not your fault that those girls chose to be mean to you!! try hanging out with a different group of girls at school, or see if your school offers any clubs or sports that you're interested in--it will be easier to make friends if you have a common interest. as you get older most kids get less snobby and are generally nicer to each other, so don't worry too much--there are people out there who will like you and want to be friends with you!
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Rolo Originally Answered: Lonely in high school?
I'm not going to lie, I had a lot of friends in High School. Most of us went out of our way to find kids who seemed lonely and quiet and tried to get them to hang out with us. I had other friends that were complete jerks. Of all the kids who were jerks, most of them are all un-employed, have baby-momma drama, and are dumb as bricks. I suggest being friendly, outgoing, and yourself and you'll find a place you fit in. Just show up at different school clubs until you find the right thing for you. The other thing you can do is throw a party and invite the kids who haven't been mean to you. This way you look cool having a fun party and everyone will get a chance to know you. Get some food, play a little bit of Just Dance on the wii (I know it's lame, but other people especially girls seem to have fun playing it), and Rock Band. Total blast! Keep your chin up kid! You'll find friends soon!

Milton Milton
I've had similar problems as well. All I can really suggest is to try and be less shy. Realize that no one is perfect so if you say something a little silly or nerdy or anything a little out of the ordinary at all no one is going to hate you for it - just as long as you still act easy going and nice (as us shy people have the natural tendency of doing anyways). I think that you're probably having trouble opening up to new people (I know it's hard in especially in high school!) but you're obviously friendly and likable since you have friends outside of school - it's just that you already know those people and are comfortable with them. Just try to go over by those other girls sometimes, it's best if they are not already in their own little world. Sit down and just make a light hearted comment about "oh we always get way too many math problems for homework" or something else that's going on lately and is easy to relate to, or if you have a good sense of humor you can make a witty comment to join the conversation - even in high school people aren't too judgmental about just one little thing someone says. Even if they seem a bit cold at first try giving them a few minutes to warm up, other people can be a bit awkward and shy too. Of course, you don't have to stick around if they're being total jerks but you know what I mean. I hope this helps your problem! I know from experience that a lot of high schoolers are very busy being stuck in their clique and are not very friendly to others, but I also know from experience that there are some nice people who will surprise you if you keep trying!
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Kae Kae
The first thing you should do to feel better, is stop trying so hard to hang out with people who are not making time to hang out with you; you can't force real friendship. And even though it may be difficult for you right now, just know that this is only short term. You have to be confident enough in yourself, to know that you can get really good friends just by being yourself and not depending on your looks. The way you look has nothing to do with it, it's all about the confidence you exude. Maybe you can do what others have suggested; which is to join a sports team, committee, or some other type of group. Find people you can relate to and who can relate to you. Try reaching out to others at your school, you're friends are not limited to those you once felt you knew. If you continue to focus so much attention on those people who are not calling you back, then you're missing out on real friendships with others. And who wants to be friends with anyone who doesn't want the same, right? Hopefully, you don't find this offensive, but personally I had the same issue. I prayed for God to open me up and bless me with true friends and He has ever since. Just give it time and keep an open-mind. Though it may seem uncomfortable to do, try approaching some other girls and spark conversation. Everyone wants to feel accepted, including everyone at your school, so don't underestimate anyone; you might be surprised by who you find to be a true friend. Hope this helps...keep us posted.
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Hashub Hashub
Not to be mean, but everyone in the world has that problem at some point, its highly unoriginal. The difference is in how people handle it. The only way you'll ever make friends is if you get out and make some friends. Try joining a sport or chess club, or find a hobby like rock climbing or swing dancing. Find something that you're really interested in and then look for others who share that interest and you'll find something to talk about.
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Elhanan Elhanan
sigh.....just be more outgoing - it's not hard or if you want a sure fire way to make pals this wll work 100% Does our school have a particular group or even individual who is very dominant - like a school cheerleader ( for the americans ) or even a school bully? if so you must put your shyness to one side and pull a huge trick on them. Make it big and make it well planned _warning! if you want to avoid trouble you can try and do it anonomously but that sort of takes away the point of it. Make yourself a school legend - maybe even go for a teacher if your brave enough! leave school knowing your the one who __________ if it works you will get tons of friends - if not the worst you can get is detention its up 2 you good luck!
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Cedric Cedric
Aw, dont worry! deep down everyone is weird, but you shouldn't call yourself weird. you are UNIQUE. Try to take a proactive approach to meeting new people. Don't assume people are being mean to you! I'm sure if they got to know you they would actually really appreciate your weirdness. Don't be sad, go out there and have some confidence! try to relate with people who share similar interests with you.. hope that helps.. STUDY HARD!
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Cedric Originally Answered: Home, School, Friends! WHAT CAN I DO!?
do your homework during class as much as possible. if your in advanced classes and are allowed to drop them DO SO! my theory is you have to be happy. if you spend your entire life working what are you accomplishing. School is something that helps kids find a blanace between work and play while having responsibilty. If your friends are giving you problems slowly back away from being friends with them but only after you tell them how you feel. if nonresponsive than find new friends that care for you! best of luck i know its tough being a teen

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