2 biology questions?

2 biology questions? Topic: 2 biology questions?
May 24, 2019 / By Jaimie
Question: 1. Describe your vision of the world in which you would like to live in 50 years. describe the political, environmental, social, economic and spiritual conditions you hope for. describe a just, humane plan to achieve that vision ( i.e. what changes would have to take place in current government, technology, and society to create that world?) 2. what are some things that you can do, now and later in your life, to contribute to a more sustainable world? consider your personal values and be realistic about what you think that you will actually do. Thank you so much if you answer this questions I love you!!!!1
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Flynn Flynn | 3 days ago
1.) A world in which children don't try to fob-off their homework assignments on potential unwitting fools. Require intellectual ardor and competent instruction. 2.) Require that renewable energy be the backbone of society.
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Flynn Originally Answered: Why do some questions get deleted on Yahoo Answers when I have seen worst questions never get touched?
It simply means that some questions have been reported & removed and others haven't There are a certain % of users who have earned sufficient reporting trust to be able to remove content on the spot (anyone can earn that with a solid history of accurate reporting so long as they themselves are not being reported regularly) but that amounts to a very small % of the overall population of Y! Answers and they cannot be all places. Otherwise it needs more than one report to send the question/answer to Customer Care for review. Your question comes across as a rant to be honest, sounds like you are making sweeping statements about one group (in this case men) and in a section like Gender Studies is can be interpreted as baiting other users aka category trolling. Try rephrasing it like "Are there males that feel they have the right to determine what their spouse/partner should do with their life/body and if so then why is this"
Flynn Originally Answered: Why do some questions get deleted on Yahoo Answers when I have seen worst questions never get touched?
This happen to me tonight. The person said how can they delete some thing and I said just delete it. Now my answer was removed and 10 points taken away. I think yahoo is unfair to certain people.

Darwin Darwin
The world is in decay and it is up to christians to be the first to look after it.I would think that as mensgreed takes over our environment will become polluted and overcrowded.Exaclty like it is now but a lot worse.
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Baldwin Baldwin
1. lower fuel prices, due to renewable/abundant resources (i.e. hydrogen), political depends on your political views, i say governmental decisions that make sense and actually do some good rather than waste taxpayers $, as well as being fair, socially people will view each other the same. gov would have 2 have more officials who do their job according to the views they were elected on, hydrogen would have to become more available/affordable and the hydrogen vehicles, which are in testing, would have to drop dramaticaly in price. 2.conserve energy, dont waste as it also saves money
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Baldwin Originally Answered: can anyone help me with biology?
Carbon 14 dating is used for organic material almost specifically, because there is a small amount of carbon 14 in the atmosphere around us and all throughout our lives we breathe in some of these atoms. When we die, we are no longer taking in carbon 14 via cellular respiration, so we gradually lose some. If i remember correctly, carbon 14 has a half life of 5.370 x 10 to the 3rd power.

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