2 more christians questions?

2 more christians questions? Topic: 2 more christians questions?
June 24, 2019 / By Yiesha
Question: to single this question off, even though i aksed b4, i wanted a staright answer on this. isnt praying to jesus polytheism? 2. why would god decide he no longer wants his people to follow his 10 commandments or just plain commandments it says in the "1st testament. (like the sabbath, and about 613 other commandemnts" it seems as though cristianity is an easier version of judiasim. A2Z - u understand it, u did your homework. u nailed it rigyht on the button. paul made up christainity. jesus was a jew unaware that christianity would ever be made and he would be the center point
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Shebah Shebah | 6 days ago
The True Founder of Christianity Did Jesus or his Apostles follow a religion called Christianity? Who were the first 'Christians' ? Who founded Christianity and do the teachings of Christianity conform to the teachings of Jesus? The teachings of Paul, the true founder of Christianity, cannot be found anywhere in the teachings of Jesus or in those of prophets before him. The following are some of the innovations that Paul introduced into "his" religion of Christianity. 1. The divinity of Jesus 2. The trinity 3. Atonement 4. Salvation by faith Using these doctrines Paul achieved phenomenal success in his ministry. The Jews may have brushed Jesus aside, but the Gentiles flocked to Paul's side, as he gave them just what they wanted in their new religion. The term for the earlier followers of Jesus –Nazarenes was dropped in favor of a new, more 'appropriate' name: Christians, or followers of Jesus Christ. This new religion of Christianity "...was abundantly interwoven with mythological content drawn heavily from pagan sources..." along with having a theology "...which was produced as the need arose to suit the mentality of the times..." Later Church leaders thought to neatly end the confusion by saying that Jesus was God-incarnate--an eternal being who "chose" to become a man in the womb of Mary. Jesus had, in other words, two natures--divine and human-- which were united in one single person. While they probably meant well, making a statement such as this only led to more confusion. The Jews did brush Jesus aside; in a way, however, the religion of Christianity as conceived by Paul has also brushed Jesus aside. Despite what a Christian might say, one will find no evidence wherein Jesus himself puts forth any of the afore--mentioned doctrines within the Gospels. Since Jesus had no plans to start a new religion, it goes without saying that he also did not formulate any doctrines for such. All Christian doctrines are the work of Paul, based on his desire to gain favor--and new converts--among the non Jews of his time. By incorporating pagan beliefs into the teachings of Jesus, Paul achieved phenomenal success in his ministry, but at the price of tearing down everything that true monotheism stands for. In so doing, Paul abrogated all teachings of Jesus and gave mankind a set of beliefs that have plagued his sense of reason ever since. It is here --the true nature and role of Jesus, as opposed to the Christian view of such -- where we find the fundamental difference between Islam and Christianity.
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Shebah Originally Answered: Christians, how do you explain these questions? ?
The crux of the problem is humans (has limited knowledge) try 2 understand what God did by imposing limitations asigned 2 man 2 God's abilities concerning problems man has in creating things. God didnt give us all details regarding His creation of the universe. Man tries 2 put the cart b4 the horse. 2 1 degree or another he wants it all 2 fit neatly in2 his little human box with boundaries where he thinks things should b if he were doing it (he doesnt know the true power God possesses). Little does he know if he had humbled himself b4 Jesus (not God Himself - Jesus wasnt praying 2 Himself) God would slowly show him some ways & reasons He made it all (organized religions [about 325 AD - 250 years after the Apostles died] including the crusaders didnt rightly seek Jesus). If man turns 2 Jesus seeking 2 know Him with all his heart & soul he will be shown if he studies God's word he will eventually come 2 know whats from God (what only the Bible is written 4). Many dont know God knows all He needs 2 instantly & acts perfectly 2 create everything. Things God showed me: Some scientific finds r true but it doesnt mean "all" claims by Scientists/others r true (many dont take time & energy 2 carefully think thru things b4 coming out 4 or against it). Many dont properly take in2 account all it takes 2 create a universe/life (they tend 2 focus on things "seeming" 2 support what they want 2 &/or u 2 believe). In science we established laws of physics. We can't see actual laws of physics. Rather, we see the results & interpret & apply them in accordance with whats been observed 2 be true thru experiments/calculations. Same is true regarding God. Just b/c we can't see God doesn't mean He doesnt exist. There may be forensic evidence 4 some micro-evolution & 4 some "appearance" of macro-evolution but most is inconclusive @ best & pure conjecture @ worst. Finding the beginning & reason 4 it all is unattainable by scientific method alone (a billions of years old cold case). We didnt see it take place. But things in creation show an Intelligent Being was involved or the universe & we wouldnt b here (ignoring where it came from). Standing out r: 1. We have 2 lungs & 2 kidneys - each has a near perfect mirror-image companion organ. No matter how u try 2 explain it away, making a mirror-image organ takes full reverse engineering, knowledge & understanding of its companion's functions & purpose or it cant be created. 2. Our bodies r highly symmetrical from 1 side 2 the other. Its impossible unless 1 has an outside overview position allowing full comprehension of the entire organism (i.e. feather color patterns). 3. We have 2 arms & 2 legs. Each is perfectly designed & precisely engineered 2 work with its mirror-image companion. An outside position is required 2 fully comprehend the whole organism & purpose 4 all parts, 2 create it 2 such perfection. 4. The "being" of a cell is confined 2 within the cell membrane & cant know or b aware of much beyond itself. A cell is magnitudes more intelligent than all humanity & has amazing powers 2 know all of an organism's functions & purpose or it isnt the "brain" behind creation 4 many millions of incredibly diverse species. If evolution had a chance of being the source of creation it would require there only be 2 or 3 "kinds" of different bodies with several related species (it would take many billions of trillions of light years longer than the universe has existed 2 have the slightest chance of producing many millions of species of such incredible diversity) 5. Many cells of an organism never contact others much beyond its tiny cell. Mostly, cells & organisms r just copies of their parents doing about the same things as all ancestors. U wont find a bird whom builds a better nest than their parents & their chicks build even a better nest. U wont find a bear improving his living conditions (or passing them 2 his young). Either a cell has 2 lives - 1 copying their parents & 1 secret life working on improvements or someone of greater intelligence than all mankind created everything. 6. Others point 2 DNA (or RNA in the 1rst organisms). But a cell needs DNA 2 function & DNA cant function without a cell. So, we have a which came 1rst a cell or DNA problem. Without 1rst having great intelligence, full knowledge & understanding of how an organism is constructed it cant be created. If an ape finds a combination lock he wouldnt know what it was & even if he turns the dial over & over again he wouldnt know what he was doing & the chances against getting it right is astronimical - especially if it had 150 or more no. 2 find in the right order & even if he got that far he still wouldnt know what a lock is 4. A cell has little "inteligence" & DNA is much more complex than a combination lock (especially in higher life forms) so the odds against figuring out & using DNA (in the correct sequence) is many magnitudes higher than 4 a lock). RNA/DNA r building blocks common to all life - having 98% of other species' DNA doesnt prove evolution. DNA like a computer code (but more complex) requires great intelligence 2 identify & assign its proper order - its useless unless u understand it. Give a book to an ape. Its useless to him as he cant learn from whats written - intelligence is required. 7. In the fossil record we dont find millions of trial & error organisms that should exist if natural selection or fittest survivor is the source of creation (no organisms existed be4). The odds r so great against near perfection happenning 4 many millions of greatly diverse species, it couldnt take place unless 1 had full knowledge & understanding of what theyre doing BEFORE millions of organisms could be created 2 such precision. If not true millions of misfit organisms with mistakes, having only 1 or 3 eyes in odd places, 1 leg growing out of a head or where an arm should be or a fin where a leg should be should exist. Millions more misfit fossils should exist than of the perfection found in nature. 8. U won't find species like a horse mating a goat, a frog mating fish, a rabbit mating an otter, a lizzard mating a bird, a cow mating a hog, etc. Species with similar genes/characteristics rarely mate in the wild. Only a few succeed @ bearing young. Its very rare that a wild crossbreed/hybrid reaches maturity or can bear over 1 litter (usually that litter cant produce or has complications that kills off the crossbreed). Only human intervention brings more success but even that has lead 2 some bad results. 9. Evolution processes being "the" source of all creation would be like having a blind man build a car he's never heard of, seen, touched, heard or rode in. It cant be done without 1rst teaching him about the functions, necessary parts & how 2 put it all together so the car will function. 10. Look @ the huge amount of intelligence, knowledge, understanding, time & energy used 2 create & improve an airplane's capabilities (& many mistakes). If people didnt fully learn what 2 do we'd still be earthbound. 11. Creation is astronomically more complex than an airplane. The more complex an organism, the greater the amount of intelligence, knowledge & understanding needed 2 create it. It can only be done by an Intelligent Designer who already fully understands what He's doing - the sheer complexity of man is evidence of God (airplanes show we're created in God's image - God had 2 be the source of all creation or it couldnt exist let alone evolve). 12. An incredibly Intelligent Being, capable of building a universe, would know the environment His earthly organisms are 2 occupy. So, He built in adaptability so His organisms could survive various earthly environments. 13. Earth happens to be in the best possible orbit 2 support life. It has the right amount of gravity, the right axis & rotation speed, the right atmosphere & needed amount of water. The moon's the right size & in the right orbit 2 provide tidal cycles needed by organisms. Just 1 or 2 relatively small variants in our orbit/envirnment & most likely life would be very different & higher forms of life wouldve died off in a relatively short time, if they couldve survived. Yes, theres many religions, built on what man wants God 2 be like. I realized they cant all be right (Theres 1 Bible - why so many interpretations & fatal errors? II Pet 1:**19-21). Religion wont teach u much about God (they cant teach what they don't know) but God knows what He's doing. Many miss is this: Jesus is the only 1 in history whom stated He's "the" way, "the" truth & "the" life & no 1 gets 2 God w/o Him (Jn 14:6; 5:39; 10:1,7; Acts 4:12) & is the only 1 whom came from God. Its fully true or theres no truth & cant be any God (He knows what He's doing or He's not God). Since Jesus is the only way 2 know God, "the" whole truth was complete & finished thru Jesus. So any claimed new or other religious beliefs or from self-proclaimed prophets & teachers r null & void & wont lead u 2 God. God always knew all Jesus was 2 do. Whoever seeks Jesus with all his heart & soul will find our real God & His Kingdom (u will know the truth & it will set u free). But, why should God want u 2 live with Him forever if u dont want 2 know Him (reason 4 free will)? voyc4rmwldrns

Pattie Pattie
the only way to God is through Jesus. 1 Timothy 2:5 declares, "For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus." God never decided that. we sin and therefore we don't do what God asks of us.
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Mariabella Mariabella
1. Yes, Jesus himself told us to pray to the Father only. 2. Because those laws served their purpose. It is not like God has changed, because the principles behind the laws still apply.
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Klara Klara
Jesus ask us to do one thing, love our neighbor. The the other 623 are for people who are not smart enough to figure this one out. Love and blessings Don
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Jasmin Jasmin
of course it's polytheism jesus even didn't knew all of this foolishness if he would have been there he won't have permitted people calling himself son of God
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Jasmin Originally Answered: Christians why are you even here?
Where archaeology verifies and agrees with the Bible, Christians accept it as true. But what about when archaeology does not agree with the Bible? Is it then archaeology or the Bible that is in error? A case in point is Joshua and the battle of Jericho. It is plainly written in the Bible that Joshua was able to defeat Jericho because the wall crumbled down and he and his army were able to enter the city. But archaeologists tell us that at the time of Joshua there were no walled cities in existence at the site of Jericho. The conclusion they draw is that no walled city existed, thus there was no battle, and since there was no battle then there was no general by the name of Joshua. Many secular archaeologists said the same thing about King David until they found a tablet bearing his name as King of Israel. Thus, up until the tablet was found, archaeology did not support the Bible. But eventually it was proven that God’s Word was true all along. David was a real person who was King of Israel, and scientific “proof” turned out to be false. Christians must understand that scientifically we cannot prove that the Bible is true, but that should not lead us to believe that it is not God’s absolute truth. We believe that everything happens at the direction of God to fulfill His eternal plan and to bring glory to Himself. Since He is the author of history, we are assured that His record of history is an accurate account of what happened. But we must also understand that not everything that happened was written in His record. Only those things were recorded that give us God’s revelation of Himself. It is not circular thinking or double-speak to assert that the Bible verifies itself. If we think so, the next question is, “by whom or by what criteria can the Bible be corrected?” What is the standard or criteria by which the biblical narrative can be changed? Is it not the Word of God? We should respect the mountains of evidence that archaeologists collect, but at the same time we must understand that their conclusions are only theory produced by their own inductive methods. In case study after case study, archaeology eventually catches up with the biblical account and they come into agreement. As Christians, we must be patient and not let our faith in God’s word as absolute truth be troubled and shattered by scientific theories. It is good to remember that archaeology has never proven the biblical account to be wrong; but in some cases it has not been able to prove the biblical account right. It is the goal of secular humanists to discredit God’s Word and unfortunately there are many unbelievers in the sciences who come to their studies with preconceived ideas and an agenda. But Christianity is catching up in this important scientific discipline. For more information read: http://www.gotquestions.org/archaeology-Bible.html

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