23 but alcoholic - how to stop?

23 but alcoholic - how to stop? Topic: 23 but alcoholic - how to stop?
July 16, 2019 / By Abnur
Question: Okay, here is my story. I've been working for 3 years straight and saved up enough money to take my masters degree for 2 years. So I resigned from work, and went to another city to study. My classes are only 3 hours everyday in the evening. In the morning, if I don't have any homework or upcoming tests, I totally have nothing to do. Last year, I started drinking at my apartment every time I come back from my 3 hour stressful class (Rum or beer). Next thing you know it, I've been drinking almost every night and getting really drunk cuz I know in the morning, I have nothing better to do anyways. And I'm getting used to it. I can't sleep regularly without drinking, and when I do drink I tend to go all the way til I drop. I've been trying to stop but recently nothing has been working. I've been drinking 4-5 nights a week, and can't seem to stop cuz I'm not used to having such free time. I try to study or do some work to get my mind of alcohol, but I always seem to crave for it every night after class. I'm only 23, but I'm already alcoholic. I don't have a lot of friends in this new city even after being here for almost a year now. So I usually just drink alone. Any help would really be appreciated
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Sloane Sloane | 9 days ago
Well congrats on admitting it now. That's a great first step you should feel good about. Most people never admit to having a problem. I suggest finding an AA group to help connect with others in the same boat. Then, find something you would like to do in your spare time, i.e. join a gym, take a fun class, bowling league, etc. This will also be a way you can meet more people. If you are religious find a church you would like to attend. That is a great way to find people you can get along with, and they normally have other fun activities to sign up for, i.e. mission trips. You would really feel like you're doing something good with your life by helping those less fortunate. Good luck with your future!!!
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Sloane Originally Answered: Is there anything that can be done for an alcoholic?
Intervention helps a lot. I used to use marijuana heavily and my friends, not my family, talked to me and just said that I was getting out of control and needed to stop permanently. That really spoke to me, because I've always listened to my friends more than my parents. Moreover, they all decided to quit with me, and that made it a lot easier. This had a great affect on me. When I still smoked, I had mediocre grades and was not planning on going to college, and now, 6 years later, I'm finishing my doctorate in cognitive psychology at Cornell, and was just offered a professorship at Cornell upon completion of my dissertation defense. I don't know if any of your ex's friends enable him to drink (but his new girlfriend obviously does) but it's gonna talk all of the people he cares most about sitting down with him and telling him that he's...killing himself, and don't be any nicer than that: he needs to hear the truth. Hopefully, hearing how his drinking affects himself and especially everybody close to him will help him get inspired to quit drinking all together. After all, he is truly the only person who can go through the quitting process, and if he falters, then he will fail. Rehab is also something he needs to consider if he lacks a stable support group to experience quitting with.

Pollie Pollie
If your university has a health clinic, visit them and discuss this. Most schools also have substance abuse centers, which the clinic may direct you to. You may have to attend counseling or AA. If none of this appeals to you, try switching to beer, like only buying a six pack for the night and backing off gradually. Don't switch to drugs because you'll only be generating a new addiction, and besides, anything you can get without a prescription probably won't really do much good (I've had sleeping problems for years, believe me!). Go out and find some friends (NOT at the bar!!). It takes willpower, good luck!
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Matty Matty
I was drinking alot too at one point now i do it in moderation...You simply need to find other things to do with your time u probally get bored and have a drink which leads to another and another that's what drinking does to you My motivation was the fact that I was insulting people i loved when i was drinking and that wasn't nice u aren't harming anyone but slow down...You don't want a beer belly i'm sure get professional help if u feel the need
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Lashawn Lashawn
I'd find the AA in the city and go to a class, meet some people who have drinking problems to. You might meet some new friends, and help each other. Or you can try to keep busy. Maybe a part time job? Do some charity work, find a hobby.
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Jessa Jessa
get some chewing gum, extra minty will do the trick cause when you have mint flavour stuck in your mouth every thing you eat and drink tastes disgusting... except for water that is
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Florinda Florinda
to heck with it you are alcoholic, like most of us, alcohol is not so bad as long as it doesnt interfer with your normal life and you do not do things like drink and drive. s*** i started drinking at 9 and was full blown alcoholic at 16. so you are a late bloomer. just do what you must and eventually you will realize its not all its cracked up to be. this is from a woman, not from fultini, I am using his computer. and good luck!
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Dalya Dalya
start taking sleep mediacation for a week, and take the meds an hour before you'd normally start drinking. This way you will be asleep before you even want to drink
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Dalya Originally Answered: HOW DO I STOP? I CANT STOP D:?
This is going to sound weird, but ask your parents to take away your phone and computer. Obviously you cannot handle it yourself, so they have to step in. If you can control yourself, make sure to focus on the future. What I mean is that entertainment like tumblr and crap like that is a pointless waste of time, and does nothing for your education, which will affect your future. Start a routine of opening your backpack. Set up a time for studying and homework, and don't even TOUCH your phone/computer/etc until AFTER you're done with your work. It's not that hard; you just need the internal motivation. Take control of your own life.

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