6th grade math homework help?

6th grade math homework help? Topic: 6th grade math homework help?
June 26, 2019 / By Tilly
Question: Hello, I have a math problem I need to solve: "The front wheels of a truck have a diameter of [x] feet, while the back wheels have a diameter of [x+1] feet. If the truck travels one mile, how many more revolutions (rotations) will a front wheel make more than a back wheel?" X represents a number, I don't remember what. Could you please tell me how to solve the problem? Am I supposed to... 1. Find the number of feet in a mile, divide it by the circumference of each wheel and find the difference between the two or 2. Find the number of feet in a mile, divide it the diameter of each wheel and find the difference? Thank you, please just answer the question as either method one or method two.
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Roxie Roxie | 3 days ago
You're a good kid. Not looking for the answer - I respect that. I would recommend approach 1.
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Roxie Originally Answered: Math homework help, 6th grade?
1. 300 100 x 3 4 x 25 x 3 2 x 2 x 3 x 5 x 5 2. C (because it's PEOPLE to BOATS, not BOATS to PEOPLE -- trick question in a way)

Natalee Natalee
Since you don’t know the number x represents I can’t tell you the answer but show you the method instead. The Circumference of a circle is C = 2 x Pi x Radius Where Pi = 3.14 two significant digits… you can use 3.14159 but I will use the former. Substitution for x lets say 16, 17 where x =16 and x + 1 =17 where 2PI = 6.28 6.28 times 16 = 100.48 and 6.28 times 17 =106.76 Lets call the distance traveled D: So D in feet = 5,280 or 63,360 inches. We know that one revolution of the back tires = 106.76 inches so, therefore, So doing some math to figure out how many revolutions by the back tire is: 63,360 /106.76 = 593 revolutions for the back tire. 63,360 / 100.48 = 630 revolutions for the front tire. So the front tire has to turn 630 - 593 = 37 more times given it is 16 inches. BOOM….
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Lorna Lorna
in order for a wheel to make a full revolution, it must travel the length of its circumference. do to find the answer, you must use method number 1. hope this helped.
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Katheryn Katheryn
i am in 7th and we hav not learned that yet and we won the intel school of distiction for math in the country
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Katheryn Originally Answered: 6th Grade Math Homework Help!?
You just take the smaller number (whether it's negative or positive) and subtract it from the greater number. Then the answer takes the sign of the greater number. For example: number 1: -7+(+12)= 12-7= +5 (+5) is the answer.

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