7th Grade MAP Test score for Math!?

7th Grade MAP Test score for Math!? Topic: 7th Grade MAP Test score for Math!?
May 24, 2019 / By Moll
Question: Okay so I'm in regular math, and i have been failing - not doing my homework, and next year (8th grade) i go to the high school, and they put me in everyday math. Could my MAP test score change that? In the begging of 7th grade i got 229. and now i got 234. is that good to take me out of that extra math class? I didn't care about my grades and stuff, but now that next year I'm going to the high school, I want a good GPA. So please help. Thnx.- im not in Pre- algebra.
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Linnet Linnet | 4 days ago
Hi I'm a 8th grader. I am currently ranked as the smartest math students of the incoming freshman. This year I scored a 264. And last year (7th grade) I scored a 263. In our high school you must have a 251 to get into geometry enriched. I would ask your teacher for recomedations on what class to take. At my high school you have math everyday no matter what. I have heard the map scores are extremely accurate. When I talked to some of the sophomores they said that map placed them in the correct classes. Overall I would say that if your map score put you into a class: just stay in it. They have the classes design to make sure everyone succeeds. Also colleges NEVER look at your gpa they look at your act, what classes you took I high school, and your prarrie state test score.
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Kalie Kalie
Hello there! Yesterday I achieved a 279 on the MAP test for math, and I am in 8th Grade, according to teachers, 280 is the maximum so good luck!
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Hadassah Hadassah
Hey! Im in 7th grade and last year, I got a 269. I don't think that the highest is 280 because iv heard many people got higher than that.
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Dixy Dixy
i do no longer understand approximately analyzing yet a chum of mine (she did a attempt prep classification) stated that her instructor informed her that in the time of math 270 became a severe score. Then my math instructor, who did the attempt in 5th grade, informed me that 265 became an widespread math score. consistent with that recommendations i might wager that a severe math score is around 280, yet i ought to be incorrect. i understand analyzing is somewhat decrease, a minimum of from what i've got heard. I additionally understand that the optimal achievable score you may get is 3 hundred. i wish this enables!
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