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May 24, 2019 / By Orla
Question: Express each percent as a fraction or mixed number in simplest form and as a decimal. 1)30% 2)12 1/2% 3)125% 4)65% 5)135% 6)0.2%
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Makkedah Makkedah | 2 days ago
percent means out of a 100. put all those percents over a 100 & simplify (for fractions) put the fraction answer in the calculator to find decimal 1. 30/100 = cancel out one zero from each: 3/10 2. 12.5 / 100 = divide by 12.5 = 1/8 3. 125/100 = 5/4 (divide by 25) 4. 65/100 = 13/20 (divide by 5) 5. 135/100 = 27/20 (divide by 5) 6. .2 /100 = 1/500 (divide by .2) by putting it in the calculator: 1. 0.3 2. 0.125 3. 1.25 4. 0.65 5. 1.35 6. 0.002
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Kiki Kiki
Remember that 100% = 100/100 or 1.000 so: 1) 30/100 = 3/10 or 0.30 2) 12.5/100 = 1.25/10 = 0.125 3) 1.25 I'm not sure what your teacher wants you to write down but this will get you started.
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Jan Jan
1.) .3 3/10 2.) .125 2.5/20 3.) 1.25 5/4 4.) .65 13/20 5.) 1.35 27/20 6.) .002 1/500
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Epona Epona
a percent is out of a hundred, so you'll have the point, and then a 0, and then the number exactly as it appears there. so for instance, one would be .03 for number six, remember that you can only have one decimal point.
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