8th grade math homework help.easy 10 points?

8th grade math homework help.easy 10 points? Topic: 8th grade math homework help.easy 10 points?
June 18, 2019 / By Amalea
Question: If 3/4 cup of sugar equals 12 tablespoons of sugar, how many tablespoons are there in 3 cups of sugar?
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Wade Wade | 5 days ago
There are four 3/4cups in 3 cups. Because of this you now need to simply multiple 12 by 4 to get your answer. You can do the math. Good luck!
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Absolute value is a number's distance from zero on the number line. So +12 and -12 both have an absolute value of 12. b. is the same answer. c. Start at -8 and count 12 units right and then 12 units left. Where do you end up? +4 and -20 d. Now write your subtraction problems using c.

Royle Royle
48 tablespoons. It should be obvious that 3/4 times 4 equals three. So, just multiply 12 by 4 to get 48. 12 times 4 should be obvious since it is basic multiplication. This is SIMPLE mental math, -JASON OLLER 8th GRADE STUDENT LOUISIANA
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Morley Morley
3/4 cups = 12 teaspoons multiply both sides by 4 to elminate the fraction 3 cups = 48 teaspoons you don't have to go any further because that gave the answer.
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Kegan Kegan
48 tablespoons 16 is the amount in 1 cup of sugar p.s. i'm positive i'm in algebra and i double checked
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that is such an easy problem! ok, here's what you do. since each soda can's diameter of the base is 2.5 inches, that is how much it room it will take up in inches along the box. so for the 2x6, you do (2.5x6) x (2.5x2). this is the base of the box, since length x width = area of a rectangle. then times it by 2 because there's a lid to the box as well. then for the side, you do the length x width as well, (2.5x2)x(4.75), then times 2. then for the other set of sides, (2.5x6)x(4.75), then times 2. finally, do the same for the 3x4 box. compare and see what the difference is. i'm in 7th grade and can do it so you should too! by the way, ''jmsloderb'' is wrong because he found the volume of the two boxes, not the area of the cardboard

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