9 th grade Homework math problem help please?

9 th grade Homework math problem help please? Topic: 9 th grade Homework math problem help please?
May 24, 2019 / By Peninna
Question: You are shceduled to start your job at an oil change shop 2 hours after the hsop opens. Two hours after you start, a toal of 11 cars have had their oil changes since the shop opened. Three hours later, a total o f14 cars have had their oil changed. At what rate are the cars geting their oil changes since you started working ? How many cars had their oil changed before oyu started work ? Please i really need help to work this out !!! Yeah i know it makes no sense .. stupid algebra teacher.. ;( I actually got 1 car per hour b/c 14-11=3 7-4 = 3 3/3= 1 car per hour right .. but then it would mean that they would be four cars done after you start not 11 ..... found out the answer : i car per hour ; 9 cars thanks guys but u were all wrong lol ;)
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Marje Marje | 10 days ago
if u think of time is your y variable and the number of cars as the x variable, then its a simple matter of just finding the slope. (11,4) (14,7) since you start after the shop has been open for 2 hours, the y value has an extra 2 hours added to it m= 1 y-4=1(x-11) y-4=x-11 y=x-7 is your equation, the rate is therefore 1 car per hour, ur slope 0=x-7 x=7 7 cars had their oil changed already before u started
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Marje Originally Answered: 4th grade math problem! (PLEASE HELP!)?
let x = mark's age 4x = mom's age x + 4x = 30 5x = 30 x = 6 mark is 6 yrs old and his mom is 24 y.o. If they want a table (alg is probably too advanced for 4th grade), it could look something like this: Mark's age: 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.... Mom's age: 4, 8, 12,16,20.24.... their sum: 5, 10....and so on obviously, though, you don't need the first few, as the mom would still be a child. that's it! ;)

Kristine Kristine
The rate should be 20 minutes per car. The number of 11 cars should be 12 if this word problem is written correctly. That means 6 cars would have had the oil changed before you started work.
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Jeanine Jeanine
Okay total the hours 2 hours + 2hours + 3 hours = 7 hours total Total the Cars 14 cars 14 cars / 7 hours = 2 cars per hour 4 cars TECHNICALLY had its oil changed before you started since 2 hours * 2 cars = 4 cars. But it's an uneven problem.
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Farrah Farrah
Ok take the 11 cars=2hrs Then 26 cars=5 hrs. or 11 cars=2hrs 14=3hrs Its a start I don't want to give you the wrong answer so thats just what I'd do. My at a glace answer would be 3 cars an hour.
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Cordelia Cordelia
math problem its simple you work a total of five hours in five hours 25 cars get an oil change so its 25/5 equals 5 cars per hour 1 car every 12 min
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Bessie Bessie
it in fact askes how plenty funds he will make over the summer season. "gross" is an quantity of money till now any deductions are made. So in simple terms take 6.sixty 5 (amout of money earned consistent with hour)situations 9 (quantity of hours each and every week). then take that answer and multiply it with the aid of 12(kind of weeks interior the summertime). i'm uncertain what that equals out to although yet i'm hoping I helped a splash.
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Bessie Originally Answered: word problem!? math homework! please help! :/?
x = lamp 4x = chair 4x-23 = table X + 4X + 4X - 23 = 562 = 9X - 23 = 562 X = 65 = lamp 4 x 65 = 260 = chair 4 x 65 - 23 = 237 = table

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