A couple questions on adoption?

A couple questions on adoption? Topic: A couple questions on adoption?
June 24, 2019 / By Ascelina
Question: 1) How old do you have to be? 2) Does it still cost money if its someone in your family? 3) Does welfare handle adoption? My cousin has 2 girls (1, 6months) and she said she was gonna take them to welfare to sign them to someone else..? (my cousin is not 'all there') I thought welfare was for money.. ANYWAYS I am 17..is there anyway i could take them? and if not..could my 19 year old boyfriend?
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Zefania Zefania | 6 days ago
Hi, Being 17, you would not be able to adopt. Your boyfriend at nineteen would probably have a difficult time getting an approved home study. A home study is required for all adoptions in the US. It includes items such as background checks, a financial review, parenting classes, meetings with a case worker, medical physical, home checks and lots of paperwork. Basically a home study tries to ensure the children will be placed in a stable, financially secure home. In a private adoption, you need to hire an adoption attorney or private adoption agency to process the home study for you. You would also need to hire an attorney to draw up all the paperwork required by the courts for finalization. In order for the children to be adopted, both biological parents must relinquish their parental rights. Your cousin could not put the children up for adoption without the father agreeing. If she turns the children over to Social Services (welfare), they will place the children in a licensed foster home. They will also contact the children's father to see if he would like custody. They would try to work with your cousin (counseling, parenting classes, etc.) to see if she can be reunited with her children. If neither parent wants to pursue custody and no family member comes forward, the children could eventually be adopted. If your cousin is serious, are there any other relatives who might take in these children? Adoption is not the only solution - transferring legal guardianship is usually simpler.
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Siward Siward
it all depends on your state and the age your able to adopt. most agencies i know of you have to be 21 and some you have to be 25. the site below you find agency or attorneys in your area to help you. also you can call child and family services there you may be able to at 18 not sure. but you also have to show you can provide for a child. http://www.theadoptionguide.com/
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Opher Opher
Your 19 year old boyfriend is of legal age, but does he have a steady income? and it would help if you were married, but think about marriage dont just do it to get the children! sorry i coudnt be much more help
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