A few pet rat questions I'd like answered.?

A few pet rat questions I'd like answered.? Topic: A few pet rat questions I'd like answered.?
May 24, 2019 / By Adison
Question: I got a rat as a birthday present less than a week ago. He is male, but I'm not sure about the age because the giver bought him from an out-of-town pet store. He seems smaller than other rats I've seen, but I don't know if thats due to age or genetics. The giver also gave me a cage, but its rather small (11 x 15 inches), and it contains a food dish, an igloo, a hanging wooden parrot toy, and a small litter box, with a drip water bottle on the side. The rat is rather skittish and would rather hide under my pile of stuffed animals rather than sit in my lap, or let me touch it at all. It's not aggressive and hasn't done anything worse than exploratory nips when I do hold it, but he is anxious to get away. My room is rather small and a bit crowded with bookcases and I want to let him free run, but not until he is willing to come when I call him in case he disappears under one of the bookcases or the bed. First question: How do I get the him to bond with me if he won't accept treats, scratches, massages, or any of the similar things I've read about? Second question: How do I get him to come when called? I know rats can do it, but I don't know how to train him and for his own safety I don't want him to free run until he does. I live with my parents, and my dad has been against me getting a rat, though my mom has been up for the idea. But because the rat was a gift, my dad accepted it. Problem is, I'm not allowed to get another one to keep the first company. I've read a lot and most of what I've found says you should have at least two rats of the same sex. I'm willing to do it and am saving up money to buy a bigger cage to house two of them, but both my parents are against it. As a side note, I want to buy the second rat from a breeder to avoid non-socialized or sick rats. So, third question: does anyone know of any actual articles that say rats are healthier both emotionally and physically if they have a buddy? Anecdotal evidence won't be enough for either my father or my mother, especially if the statement comes from a non-breeder. My mom owned individual rats a decade ago, but only one at a time and her rats bonded to both her and I extremely well (part of why I've wanted a rat my whole life). But because hers bonded so well, she doesn't believe that they get stressed by themselves. Shes also one of the people that believe that multiple rats means each one will bond with the owner less. Also, I know the cage is painfully small, and I want to let him out often to burn off energy and feel loved, but I'm not confident in our relationship yet. The way it is now, I take him out once before school for about twenty minutes and pet him until he hides under the stuffed animals, and then take him out three or four times when I get out of school for 10-20 minutes, depending on how skittish he is being. I bought him a ball, but later learned that rats don't actually like them and he is no exception. It normally starts off with me trying to hold and pet him and he'll crawl down my arm and investigate the area. But halfway through, he gets crazy and starts hoping and running to and fro, jumping and hiding whenever I move. I'm hoping that it is because he is young and he'll mellow out as he gets older, but I'm not sure. As of yesterday, he'll take a yogurt drop from my hand but he'll go off and hide to eat it. I'm not sure this entire thing made sense, I know I did a lot of ranting. If you do understand what I'm trying to ask though and decide to answer, thank you in advance. Thanks for the link. Now, the main thing is convincing my parents to let me get another rat. Does anyone have any scientific studies or articles from legit magazines?
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Temple Temple | 10 days ago
Ok. well heres the first answer-Give him time. hold him, let him down your t-shirt and cuddle, and feed him treats even if not accepted. Second answer-When hes used to you keep saying his name over and over again.. make it herd. Thrid answer-Rats should always have a buddy as i've found, i had 2 rats and one died, so then i played with her everyday. Then she got too close and i couldnt leave her. Then i got her a buddy and she did the same but less. They loved eachother. You will need a bigger cage. and make sure they get a mixed diet
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Philo Philo
1) Stacks of patience. If he is beginning to take treats from you, he is starting to make progress. A store-bought rat could take months to socialise, but the results will be well worth it. Just keep gaining his trust step at a time. Offer him a dark jumper to hide inside so he becomes used to your scent at the same time as being able to hide. http://www.dapper.com.au/articles.htm#fuzzletworld This link could also offer a solution to his small cage and the socialisation issue. :) 2) This just sort of happened naturally with my rats. Every time I wanted their attention I'd shake their treat bag and call "Boys!" or some other thing. It's not the specific word they respond to, but the way in which I say it. Being naturally curious, they came to see what it was, so they got a treat. Now they know that when I call them they get food, so they come sprinting from the other end of the kitchen/dining room to be with me. :) It's all about reward association. Get him used to thinking that responding to a sound gives him food. Start off in the cage where he feels safer, then on the table or bed, or even in a locked bathroom (nowhere to run away, but lets him explore safely). 3) I can't offer anecdotal evidence, not having kept a rat alone myself, but I am very friendly with my local breeders and they refuse to sell rats alone to a household that does not already own rats. I don't know if these articles count as legit, but I find them pretty convincing. http://www.rmca.org/Resources/apair.txt http://www.nfrs.org/company.html These people really do know what they are doing - these are professional societies with very high standards dedicated to rat shows and breeding. Important guys in the rat world. :) I can say a lot about why you should keep rats in pairs, but these articles probably carry more weight. :) Best of luck obtaining a larger cage/second rat and with the trust training. You clearly have a lot of patience and love for this rat and I know it will work out for you. Keep trying and he will become the pet you dreamed of. :)
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Macy Macy
Rats have a rather short attention span, so he will likely not sit in your lap for any length of time. To bond with him, I suggest allowing your hand to spend time in his enclosure as often and as long as possible so he know you're not a threat. After he accepts your hand's company, then offer treats. I've read that rats LOVE sweets, but will get obese quickly. I do give mine a small sweet treat when I treat myself and haven't had any problems, or say a Funyun chip or a Dorito. So far so good. After he accepts you without nipping/biting, attempt carefully to let him ride your shoulder-- so long as you feel safe your ear won't be nipped. Don't posture yourself to suit him, let him balance himself to suit riding you. After he's accepted your hand, treats and company, when you approach his cage, call him however you wish to let him know you're there, you want to visit and possibly have brought a treat. I call my guy with quick kiss sounding calls. He comes flying out of his house to greet me. If I'm there and don't call or open his enclosure, he will sometimes call me! ^_^ Good luck! And remember he has a very short attention span!
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Jehoiakim Jehoiakim
My rat runs around a lot too, it could just be the way he is? You should check out this site, it provides a lot of helpful tips and advice: http://www.ratfanclub.org/trust.html
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