a normal high school vs. online high school?

a normal high school vs. online high school? Topic: a normal high school vs. online high school?
May 24, 2019 / By Zibiah
Question: I despise school so much!!!!! I love hanging out with my friends and everything, but the education and 4 hours of homework every day ( not an exageration) and still remain as an honor student isn't working for me. My stress level is so high everyday i don't know what to do with myself. My parents were looking into online highschool which is different from home-schooling. I see lots of advantages like no homework and only 4 hours out of your day instead of 10 (for me including homework). I have to go to my gymnastics classes as often as i can because its competitive gymnastics and need to be there as often as possible.My family is thinking about traveling to africa and south america and public school would really become hard to keep up with. Some disadvantages would be like loosing relationships with my friends, whcih are really valuable to me. I am having a really hard decision to face. What would be some things i should think about? what should i do
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Sheree Sheree | 1 day ago
There are no honors courses on online high schools unless you pay a high tuition. I would just stick with regular high school because I heard from one of my friends, who is getting home schooled, that it really sucks and she misses seeing everyone.
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What really helped were the research projects. They helped me with my writing and it helped me to learn the MAL format, which has been how all my professors have required me to write my research papers. Also the research projects helped by teaching us how to analyze and critique various literary work and these skills are important to have in college. However, I think I learned the most in English, not in my regular English class but in an English elective on writing for publication--the class, which I was in for a year and a half, helped me with my writing, and not just my creative writing. It's scary how many people can't write a short paper or essay--I've seen and heard a few from fellow college students my freshman year and believe me, it was scary. People should really consider taking writing classes or at the very least proofread before a group critique or handing in a paper. The one thing that I wish was different about English class in high school is spelling. Throughout grade school and middle school, we had spelling tests, but in high school we didn't, and because of this, my spelling has suffered and I'm sure it's happened to others as well. Well, in my high school, having English for four years was mandatory and I think that it should be. In addition to English being mandatory, I think that taking a writing class should be mandatory in schools. Something like that could teach students to write and how to express their ideas in a clear manner. Also in a class like that, they would learn how to proofread and perhaps if they learned how to proofread when they are younger they will continue on with proofreading when they get to college.

Peggie Peggie
I assume you're college bound, so I would think about how you would explain the change as a positive change to a college admissions officer. Is the online school over-the-top exceptional in some way that benefits you (besides having more time with your friends). I know online colleges assign homework. I'd be surprised if an honors quality online high school didn't. Check the online school's accreditations with the accrediting organization. Don't take the school's word for it. Another possibility would be stick with school but cut back the number of AP/honors classes if you're in more than one. I am intrigued by the possibility of travel to Africa or South America. You don't mention why or for how long. If this travel would be more than a vacation, (for example, moving there for a year), you are right, public school would be impossible to keep up with. The regular teachers/classes probably won't be prepared for a long distance student. You'll probably need to do home schooling or maybe local schooling where you are if its available. Online school may not be on option either depending on where you are. Even if you take some time off from school while abroad, you will have some unique life experiences and accomplishments that will add to who you are as a person and that you should be able to use to your benefit during the college application process.
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Marinda Marinda
If you can stay in a regular high school there are many advantages. You do tend to get very isolated from friends. It is difficult to not be able to take part in the social side of school. If you are doing well I would advise you to stay. It is possible to graduate from an on line school or an alternative school. The education you will get will not be comparable, but you can graduate and go to college with your diploma. You may need to go to a Jr. College first to prove that you can handle it before you will be admitted to a regular college. My daughter went to an alternative school where she was given lessons and then did them on her own and turned in her work once a week. She did go on to college but she had some difficulty keeping up with the other students in writing and math and also a foreign language was not available to her at the high school and so she has to take language and compete with others who had it for high school. She has been able to keep up though with extra work and maintain a high B average. Only you know what is right for you. The good thing is that if you try it for a semester and you don't think it is working out you can go back to regular high school So you are not making a decision that is irrevocable.
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Kristen Kristen
even though it is bad the high stress level in high school is only preparing you for college if that is in your future. going from a lot of work to no homework, 4 hours of learning a day sounds like a bad idea to me. i really think that your education should come before all, even your competitive sports because someday when you are older you wont be able to move as well as you can now and i would hope that you have a good education to support yourself. also I'm not sure how it would look on transcripts to colleges that your high school is over the Internet. it just seems a little funny to me. but then again, it is your decision not mine
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Jazmine Jazmine
The only thing about online school that I hate is the lack of social interaction. You will have to do twice as much when you're taking online classes such as joining country clubs, getting involved to stay in contact with other people rather than being at a normal school where everyone is there learning with you.
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You can officially apply in the fall/when you go back to school your senior year. You need letters of recommendation, your official transcript from guidance counselors, etc. Over the summer you can prepare by writing your college essays, decide which schools you are applying to and research the requirements, fill out your senior brag sheet and start filling out your common app.

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