About to enter high school, help?

About to enter high school, help? Topic: About to enter high school, help?
May 24, 2019 / By Deborah
Question: Hi there! I'm extremely excited to start high school in like two weeks! Haha, of course I'm nervous but I'm mostly excited! :) I just wanted tips from people who've experienced high school and what to expect about: boys, friends, is it clicky, teachers, and homework. A lot of people say not to stand out because of the upperclassmen, but I don't really care, I like to wear lots of sophisticated and sassy clothing! Haha! :) Thanks for the answers!
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Britta Britta | 2 days ago
"Hey:) I'm going into my grade 10 year! I loved grade nine!!! On the first day of school, I know it seems like a big deal to wear just the right thing, but no one's gonna remember....so dress to impress, but please, be yourself! You said you have a sassy and flashy style? That's good! See? Its you, and nobody really cares and no ones going to tease you about it! I go to a school with uniforms, but on out of uniform days, you see people wearing everything from sweats to total CeCe and Rocky from "Shake It Up" style stuff..its actually cool lol. So...dos and donts of high school: DO... -extracurriculars! Be as involved as you can in order to get the most outta your year...you'll look back and remember those things, not that one great math lesson. -make lots of friends. Don't just stick to a little group of friends/friends just from elementary school. Its not hard to make friends, just introduce yourself....most of the time though, the friendships just gradually form, as long as you don't sit in the corner and be a loner. Always have a smile, and throw back your shoulders with confidence! You'll be a friend magnet -have a positive attitude and be nice to everyone. Make friends, not enemies -stay on top of your schoolwork...that comes first, after all! -keep organized. Trust me, even things like having all your notes in a spiral notebook for each subject, and keeping them uniform with all titles and dates, highlighting keypoints, helps so much come unit test/exam time. Also, don't shove your papers loose in your binder. Take the time to put them in, and organize your binder each night so you don't end up with a swirling vortex like I did. When it becomes that bad, it sucks. It wasn't until the end I actually became more organized...it was much easier! -go to the teacher and ask for help if you need it. I promise, no matter how mean they seem, they will not gnaw your head off or be annoyed. Its the oppisite actually, they will be glad you're showing such initiative and caring about THEIR class! They will be sure to help you in any way you need :) DON'T -treat your locker like a dumping grounds like my locker partner did (it wasn't pretty...) -get caught up in all the mean girls drama. Trust me, keep yourself with a nice group of friends and you can't go wrong :) -think popularity is everything. I saw so many girls waste their year and not have fun cause they were so concerned about it. -be afraid of the seniors. I met so many through extracurriculars. They became friends AND like big brothers and sisters. And even If you don't get to know any, don't give them any reasons to hate you, and I promise they will not :) -stand in the middle of the hallway and/or walk slowly while talking to large groups of your friends.... People are trying to get places and its a way to annoy the sophs-seniors lol. -think you're too cool for anything -hang all over guys. -dress like it's Jersey Shore instead of school -be afraid! You'll love high school, girl! <3 in fact, you'll probably be telling some girl this around this time next year. So.. Teachers: At my school, there are main types: A) the nice/really laid back ones B) the nice/really good ones C) the nice/everyone's favourite/good teacher/still laid back ones D) the ones you learn nothing from E) the really strict/really good ones F) the ones nobody likes that usually don't last long, lol. But there aren't very many of those. only one at my school. Basically if you do your work, don't talk back, don't suck up, but stay on their good side, you shouldn't have a problem. Also like I mentioned earlier, don't be afraid to ask for help! Cliques/friends At my school, I didn't really notice many cliques in grade 9. I mean, everyone pretty much was friends with a variety of people. But as you get into the older grades, like 11 and 12, you tend to notice some (jocks, music students, preppy girls, etc.)This could be also because my school has 3 different lunch periods. I know people at a smaller school though that say there are more cliques there. Even if there are though, you don't really have to stick to one...you can be friends with everyone and whoever you want to :) and its easier to make friends in high school Boys: Don't hang all over them, or act/dress sleezy. They'll just think they can use you. Don't play childish games, like having your friend say "she likes you do you like her" or anything...just do it yourself ;). Guys like that! Be careful of some seniors who will just try to use you. Stay away from boys with reps to avoid getting one by association. Have guy friends, trust me. Good for opinions, and getting away from girly drama, lol. There isn't A LOT of homework, but expect some every night. If your lunch is a full period (75 minutes) especially, then do some of it on
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Britta Originally Answered: FOR HIGH-SCHOOL GRADUATES: What do you remember about high-school English?
What really helped were the research projects. They helped me with my writing and it helped me to learn the MAL format, which has been how all my professors have required me to write my research papers. Also the research projects helped by teaching us how to analyze and critique various literary work and these skills are important to have in college. However, I think I learned the most in English, not in my regular English class but in an English elective on writing for publication--the class, which I was in for a year and a half, helped me with my writing, and not just my creative writing. It's scary how many people can't write a short paper or essay--I've seen and heard a few from fellow college students my freshman year and believe me, it was scary. People should really consider taking writing classes or at the very least proofread before a group critique or handing in a paper. The one thing that I wish was different about English class in high school is spelling. Throughout grade school and middle school, we had spelling tests, but in high school we didn't, and because of this, my spelling has suffered and I'm sure it's happened to others as well. Well, in my high school, having English for four years was mandatory and I think that it should be. In addition to English being mandatory, I think that taking a writing class should be mandatory in schools. Something like that could teach students to write and how to express their ideas in a clear manner. Also in a class like that, they would learn how to proofread and perhaps if they learned how to proofread when they are younger they will continue on with proofreading when they get to college.

Alis Alis
Well I'm going to be a Sophomore this year and Freshmen year is pretty easy I should say. Depending on what teachers you get you won't have a lot of homework every night like Freshmen year like most people assume. That comes in the latter years of high school! Boys will be Boys I'm a boy myself some older ones are immature but that's typical high school. Upperclassmen in High School aren't mean they're just people in grades higher than us It's High School the nature of bullying quits mostly. If you go to a big school there's friends for everyone! :) There are a lot of expectations in high school obviously since your a lot older than in Elementary and Middle School! Hope I helped a bit!
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Ulric Ulric
Well, I'm going to be a senior this year so I hope I can help. Boys. *sigh* I have been friendzoned by every guy so I'm not the best to give advice. But don't be slutty and be friends with them. Guys can be your best friends and if you somehow have to take wood shop like I did, they are your best allies. Friends come and go but you will find a close group that will last all 4 years. Try and be nice to everyone though. Pretty much every one in school knows me and are friendly to me. Bring baked goods in too. Everyone loves food. Some teachers are good, some bad and some will be like your best friend. And if you're having troubles with one go see the guidance office. They might be able to switch you out of the class. Try and do your homework and study hard. I'm not sure how your high school is because mine is cool. The upperclassman all hate freshman because they are so f*cking annoying. Just don't be annoying and you'll be fine. We don't haze people either. Know your place and stay out of their way and you'll be fine. On the bus, just listen to your ipod and nothing else.
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Rio Rio
Don't worry about what to wear because the truth is, once everyone graduates high school, nobody is going to care what you wore to class. The teachers can be mean and some can be really laid back. Join as many groups as you can. The food is really good in high school lol. The homework might seem hard, but it's actually not. I used to think high school homework was difficult until I got to college. Making friends in high school isn't important. Most the popular kids I went to school with turned out to be losers later on in life. So try to hang out with the smart kids. They're the ones with a bright future. If someone bullies you, don't be afraid to defend yourself. Don't let them get you down. Always be positive. Don't get caught up in dating. Most of the girls I went to school with got pregnant just because they were fooling around with some random boy. It know it sounds boring, but just hang out with a group of good smart friends and focus on your school work. If you don't, you'll regret it later on in life. Good luck
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Mesech Mesech
i like it high school is supposed to be the best years of your life mostly freshman and senior year are the best
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Mesech Originally Answered: When can a high school student start applying for college? I will be a senior this coming school year.?
You can officially apply in the fall/when you go back to school your senior year. You need letters of recommendation, your official transcript from guidance counselors, etc. Over the summer you can prepare by writing your college essays, decide which schools you are applying to and research the requirements, fill out your senior brag sheet and start filling out your common app.

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