After safe natural remedies for my 2 year old's fever?

After safe natural remedies for my 2 year old's fever? Topic: After safe natural remedies for my 2 year old's fever?
June 19, 2019 / By Willa
Question: I've already given him some of the children's liquid Tylenol which helped (his temp. is in normal range now but he's still warm).
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Sharmain Sharmain | 8 days ago
Although this may not sound right to you if you never heard it, unless the temperature is high like 104, you actually do not want to remove it. A temperature is nature's way of healing you, for every degree your temperature rises, your immune cells double in strength so you have more t cells, macrophages and other immune system cells etc to fight off the antigens and pathogens and bacteria causing the illness. This means if the temperature is 99.6, your immune system fighting power has doubled, if it is 100.6 it is going 4 times harder, 101.6 you have 8 times more immune cells, 102.6 you have 16 times and so forth. However, if you feel you must try to reduce it, when my kids were small before I knew a fever was actually a good and healing thing, I would sponge them down with rubbing alcohol being sure they did not get chilled. This is what some of the books recommended that I read and generally it did work hope the little sweeetie is soon back to normal:-) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++... EDIT--I looked a little further on some of the benefits of fevers ..excerpts below Numerous studies have shown that fever enhances the immune response by increasing mobility and activity of white cells called leucocytes which disable bacteria and viruses and remove damaged tissue from the body. A complex sequence of immune activities is activated by fever. Antiviral and antibacterial properties of interferon are also increased with fever. With a rise in temperature, iron is removed from the blood and stored in the liver, further disabling the rate at which bacteria can multiply. Studies of artificially induced fevers in laboratory animals infected with disease have shown that elevated temperatures enhance survival, while lowered temperatures increase the death rate. (4) Dr. Mendelsohn emphasizes that, “Only in the case of heatstroke, poisoning, or other externally caused fevers is this bodily mechanism overwhelmed and inoperative.” This would also include drug reactions and overdose. Fever: Your Body’s Defense Against Disease is the title of chapter 7 in Dr. Mendeloshn’s book, and undoubtedly one of the best guidelines ever written for parents seeking a balanced and accurate perspective of the beneficial and defensive role of fevers in childhood. He condemns the useless and dangerous practice of fever suppression through drugs. “If your child contracts an infection, the fever that accompanies it is a blessing, not a curse. The spontaneous release of pyrogens cause the body temperature to rise, a natural defense mechanism needed to fight disease. The presence of fever tells you that the repair mechanisms of the body have gone into high gear. It is something to rejoice over, not to fear.”(3) Also this from wikepedia: Fevers may be useful to some extent since they allow the body to reach high temperatures. This causes an unbearable environment for some pathogens. White blood cells also rapidly proliferate due to the suitable environment and can also help fight off the harmful pathogens and microbes that invaded the body. here's a few more sites and a search will reveal more..
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Take tepid bathes, fill a bath tub, submerge and lay down for 5' approximately. Repeat as needed until the fever is down. I have tried to do this myself, as an adult, and it can be almost painful since the body temperature is already high, the bath feels colder. Alcohol baths used to be popular but are no longer recommended because they can cool your child too quickly, which can cause his temperature to spike dangerously. If the fever does not exceed 102 degrees let it run its course. It helps the body to fight infection and eliminate toxins. One thing doctors had us do was to remove our clothing and child's clothing and cradle the child on our naked chest. Your body will absorb the heat from the child. You really need to treat with ibuprofen if the temp goes over 102 or if the child becomes listless. When a person has a temperature it can be quite uncomfortable with muscle aches and headaches. If the child is up playing around , eating, drinking, and sleeping well there is no need for concern. Try to recall how you feel with a temperature and how you would want to be treated for comfort. For persistent fever you can alternate tylenol with ibuprofen. Example: You can give tylenol dose at 10am ibuprofen dose at 1200, tylenol dose at 2pm, ibuprofen at 4pm. Make sure and give ample fluids. Food is not really that important when a child is sick but fluids are essential.
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Mamie Mamie
if you have already given over the counter drugs why would you want information on a natural remedy? What's the temp? A fever is a sign that the body is fighting something off.
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Kimberlyn Kimberlyn
I put my daughter in a cool bath and give her a popsicle to help bring her temperature down. I freeze apple juice in those things they sell at the store to make popsicles at home, but I have also given her pedialyte pops and she likes them too. Good luck, hope your baby feels better soon :)
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Janessa Janessa
Do not try to reduce her fever unless it is high. A fever is your body's only way of fighting off what is wrong.
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Janessa Originally Answered: I have a cold, fever, and headache, what do I do?
Do not take any antihistamines - these will make you drowsy. Take a vitamin C tablet every three or four hours - or purchase some Airborne (a large tablet that you dissolve in a glass of water). Also, take a dose of ibuprofen, then, three hours later, take a dose of tylenol. Use these drugs ONLY - do not substitute aspirin. Alternate doses of ibuprofen and tylenol every three hours. This will work well to alleviate pain and fever. Also, take a vitamin B12 supplement - this will help your energy level. Keep drinking fluids - water, tea - avoid soda (too much sugar can make you drowsy or upset your stomach), work steadily, taking a 15 minute break every hour. When you get tired, sleep. When you get hungry, eat good food. Get away from your time-wasters - TV, internet, cell phone. You really can't afford to play. You need to priortize - your mind won't work well, when your body is rebelling, so focus your energies on helping your body be as well as it can, and finishing your project as soon as you can, so you can relax. Feel better soon!

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