Algebra1 homework. Solving y in terms for x?

Algebra1 homework. Solving y in terms for x? Topic: Algebra1 homework. Solving y in terms for x?
June 26, 2019 / By Zowie
Question: So my teacher Mrs. Cuneo teaches my 8th grade algebra1 class. On homework she want us to show our work on everything. The problem says, Solve each equation for y in terms of x. x+y=5. The answer was y=-x=5. I got that by going to this website and typing in the problem. It gave me the answer but I need the steps. Can you show me how to solve it and show my work? If I learn that I'll be able to do the rest of my worksheet. Another problem was -3x+y=-2. The answer? y=3x-2. Thanks
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Sherri Sherri | 8 days ago
For the problem x+y=5, the answer should be y=-x+5 or y=5-x You get this by subtracting x from both sides to isolate the variable. The work will look like this. x+y=5 -x -x y=5-x For your other problem, -3x+y=-2, you want to add 3x to isolate the variable (y). You add in this case because you have a -3x. -3x+y=2 +3x +3x y=3x-2 Hope this helps!
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Penney Penney
Understand that when you are solving for Y in terms of X, you are trying to manipulate the eq in such a way that Y is alone on the left side and all other terms are on the right side i.e.: y = all other numbers, x's etc. So -3x + y = -2. add a positive 3x to both sides. You are doing this because you need a way to eliminate the -3x on the left side and add it to the right side and to do that you add the opposite term to both sides in this case you will add a positive 3x. 3x - 3x + y = -2 +3x --> 0 + y = -2 + 3x you don’t have to do anything with the negative 2 since it is already on the right side. Anyway, I hope you see why -3x became 3x.
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Marjeta Marjeta
I am sure that your teacher would explain this. However , equations are all about doing the same thing to each side so that you finish up with the x or y at one side of the equation. Qu 1 x + y = 5--------------Now subtract x from both sides x + y - x = 5 - x x - x + y = 5 - x y = 5 - x Qu 2 - 3x + y = - 2----------------Now Add 3x to both sides - 3x + y + 3x = - 2 + 3x 3x - 3x + y = 3x - 2 y = 3x - 2
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Kristy Kristy
Remember that what you do one side, you do the other, and that you want y by itself. Logically, what you do is to subtract x (on the first problem) from both sides. x+y=5 x+y-x=5-x y=5-x (or y=-x+5) -3x+y=-2 -3x+y+3x=-2+3x y=-2+3x (or y=3x-2)
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Jeanna Jeanna
Solving for variable 'x'. Move all terms containing x to the left, all other terms to the right. Add '-1y' to each side of the equation. x + y + -1y = 5 + -1y Combine like terms: y + -1y = 0 x + 0 = 5 + -1y x = 5 + -1y Simplifying x = 5 + -1y
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Jeanna Originally Answered: equation homework help (solving equations) :(?
With these equations, what you want to do is get x alone on one side. To do this, you have to get the other terms all to one side and simplify down to x=_____. 1: I always like to move the numbers before variables. With an equation, if you do anything to one side, you must also do that same thing to the other side. So I'm going to subtract 9 from each side first. Then because we still need to get the two variables together so we can solve for x, I'm going to add 6x to both sides so that all I have left on the right side is 90. Then, to solve for x in this case you would just divide both sides by 10 and get x=9 4x+9=99-6x -9 from both sides 4x=90-6x +6x to both sides 10x=90 Simplify by dividing both sides by 10 to get x alone. x=9 <-- Answer 2: Follow the same formula for all of these. I really hope you're trying to learn and understand instead of just getting the answers. Without this knowledge, it is nearly impossible to make it past Algebra I. 68-2x=8x+18 -18 from both sides 50-2x=8x +2x to both sides 50=10x Divide both sides by 10. 5=x x=5 <--Answer None of these are any more complex than that. There are the first two answers and if you follow the instructions/examples you should be able to get all of the correct answers. To find out if your answers are correct, plug in your answer as x in the equations and see if the statement is correct. For example with #2: 68-(2*5)=(8*5)+18 68-10=40+18 58=58 So the answer is correct. Good Luck and I will be more than happy to stay on Y! Answers to check the rest of them if you do them yourself. :)

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