am i sleeping too much? o.O?

am i sleeping too much? o.O? Topic: am i sleeping too much? o.O?
June 27, 2019 / By Adallina
Question: i recently just ended my cross country season, so i used to get home around 7 and would go to bed around 12ish (finishing hmrk and stuff) but now that my season is over i get home around 4:30ish or 5:30ish (depending if i stay for a club) and i go to sleep for a good two hours wake up and finish any homework i have left. is this good for me or am i sleeping too much? (i wake up at 5:40 for school and go to bed around 11:30, im 16.....if that makes a difference)
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Taffy Taffy | 2 days ago
Your 6 hours of sleep at night is insufficient as teenagers are supposed to need from 8-10 hours of sleep per day. Supplementing your night sleep with a two hour nap after school is a good way to supplement your insufficient night sleep.
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Taffy Originally Answered: What happens when you O.D on sleeping pills?
Although it wasn't sleeping pills, I have been dead due to an overdose (someone spiked my drink with methadone). Here is what it was like: At first, everything seems normal. You are able to carry about your tasks normally. I was driving, talking on the phone, the norm. I went to eat at a restaurant across the way from my house. While I was finishing eating, I got a short cold sweat, a very, very short loss of consciousness (probably looked like a nod), and thought, "what was that? Odd..." and didn't think much more into it. About 5 minutes later, paying the bill, and another cold sweat came on, and the blackout was just a slight bit longer. A lightheadedness began to set in. No pains, just spacey. But then it was back to normal. Another slightly longer round of sweats and 'nodding', and some worry begins to set in. So I drove home across the street, and went upstairs to my room with a friend. The next round of sweats were intense, but the lightheaded feeling kept me from really noticing it, and this blackout seemed to last for a minute or so. I sort of came to, feeling extremely fatigued, dizzy, nauseous, confused. Words were garbled, sight was blurry at this point. Basic motor function was near impossible. It was at this point where my last memory was, "I think I'll lay down and go to sleep." My friend, who was downstairs for a couple of minutes, came back up to find me going into respiratory failure, and turning blue. Fast forward 6 minutes and an injection of Levallorphan, I am waking up to paramedics carrying me down my stairs. And it was just like you see in the movies or on TV...blurry vision of paramedic, indistinguishable sounds, the glance around to try to understand what is happening. And then out again. I awoke again several hours later in the hospital, tired but cognitive. As far as pain...I had zero pain. I was unaware of my surroundings. Unable to speak. But my story is opioid based and was an extreme overdose, not an OD on sleep medication, which could be potentially different. But for the first hour or so one is fully aware of the degradation of their condition. I hope you can find this helpful.
Taffy Originally Answered: What happens when you O.D on sleeping pills?
It depends. Sometimes a patient will try to talk and some even walk when asked even through they are deeply asleep after a small overdose and have absolutely no recollection of such later. Others are completely unconscious. It dpeends what drug they take and how much of it. Also, ambulance crew are called paramedics, not perimedics.

Pekahiah Pekahiah
it's not good to nap - it's best to just get one solid sleep period per 24 hours. so instead of napping after school you should just do your homework and go to bed earlier. you also shouldn't get too much or too little sleep as both are bad for you. the best amount is 8 hours so you should probably be going to bed at about 9.30.
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Lovel Lovel
dont sleep too much because the blood from your heart pumps not as fast and when your penis grows it doesnt get enough blood to the penis and it doesnt grow as much as it could. make sure to eat your greens and also enough meat so that it will be slightly better for you.
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Lovel Originally Answered: need help from people with sleeping disorders?
Restless leg syndrome with periodic limb movement disorder is a serious sleep disorder. It causes a person to feel uncomfortable at all times. The more you relax the worse it gets. So when its time to fall asleep is extremely difficult.When experiencing painful or unnerving sensations the urge to move is instinctive leaving a person unable to be at relax or rest. Periodic Limb movement causes a person to move throughout sleep. These movements cause constant arousal's from sleep and happen so much a person does get restorative sleep. Restless leg disorder is extremely difficult to treat. The medications available for RLS are Parkinson's disease drugs and/or opioid. Some people get relief from avoiding caffeine,cigarettes and some certain antidepressants. Others have more severe forms and rely on dopamine agents and benzodiazapines in order to rest. Opiods and certain seizure medications are used to combat the pain. Most medications only work so long. Before you know it RLS over shadows the medication. RLS is progressive meaning it tends to intensify with age. I am 32 and have had RLS/PLMD since childhood. It started off as a nuisance and became a constant intrusion. Medications have failed to be adequate but lessen RLS's intensity. One can only hope more research wil be done and treatment other than opiods will be available.

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