An animal that would live in the rainforest?

An animal that would live in the rainforest? Topic: An animal that would live in the rainforest?
June 19, 2019 / By Steph
Question: Hi, For homework we have to create an animal that could live into a typical rainforest what kind of characteristics/defences/things it would need hahahaaa, any ideas would be great!:)
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Queena Queena | 4 days ago
How about a insect that's larval stage lives in the rain drops on leaves, and travels to the ground by rain, and becomes an adult? The adult can feed on other insects it finds by burrowing in the ground. It also has a foul taste, to prevent predators. A spider with venom that attaches to it's webs, and weaves webs in various areas, checking it each day. It also has odd patterns, similar to a kaleidoscope , and long legs...It constructs a cube or sphere like "cage" that surrounds in during inactive times , to protect it from it's predators.
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Meagan Meagan
it would need to have catchable food, so nothing like a whale or a shark that wouldnt have anything to eat. for example, a bird could get worms, snakes, other birds perhaps, or a snake perhaps would eat birds, small marsoupials, mammals, things like that. it would also need defences such as claws/teeth/camouflage/poison/fangs/armo... things like that. birds could have claws and camouflage, snakes have fangs andpoison and camouflage, crocodile has teeth, speed, agility, camouflage. no one could really tel you any characteristics if your making the animal up. hope i helped xx
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Lavender Lavender
Here is a site on rainforest animals, you can read it & combine their info to make your animal.
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