An SQL /PLSQL related question.?

An SQL /PLSQL related question.? Topic: An SQL /PLSQL related question.?
June 18, 2019 / By Andri
Question: From my theoretical study I read that SQL is the language used by the DBMS to manipulate the database, and PLSQL is the extension of SQL for Oracle databases.Now please answer the following confusion 1)If we write application programs that use the database (in this case Oracle), then do we use SQL/PLSQL commands in the code for our program? If so, then it's afterall the application programs that are using SQL, why then we say "SQL is used by the DBMS to manipulate database"? 2)I installed Oracle 10g enterprise edition and I can easily create tables and stuff from the GUI window or Oracle 10g. If I am to write an application program that uses this Oracle database on my computer, how do I go about it?Can I do this at all or I have to use the Oracle GUI interface only? Please bear with my naivete. I just finished a UG book on the topic and have no practical idea.
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Whitaker Whitaker | 10 days ago
1) SQL is the language that directly interacts with the database and the objects within it. PL/SQL is a scripting language that can embed SQL within it but also can make use of traditional procedural elements (loops, if/else, flat-file I/O, etc.) to carry out more complex algorithms. 2) If you have a PL/SQL script, you can invoke it to carry out a series of programmed tasks including forms for end-user input and reports for output. The standard GUI interface is more for the use of a developer than an end-user.
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Whitaker Originally Answered: i need help making a sorta friend related question?
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Samuel Samuel
1.) You want to make your SQL as standard as possible just incase you move to a new database. If you know you'll never move your database or only rarely, then use PLSQL to optimize your SQL. The application sends SQL to the DBMS. 2.) Applications use an API to access the DBMS. You can use JDBC is you're working with Java. If you're on Windows, you can use ODBC. I'm sure Oracle has libraries in a variety of languages that you import into your project to access the DB.
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Nahum Nahum
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