anita and the rest. homosexuality question here?

anita and the rest. homosexuality question here? Topic: anita and the rest. homosexuality question here?
June 18, 2019 / By Acheflour
Question: i dont want to sound rude .. but why do you keep saying its genetic like its a well established fact? the opinions that you and i give is based on various studies conducted . and so far none has confirmed the existence or even found a "gay gene" . so you really cant acertain that homosexuality is genetic . the result(of the studies/experiments conducted) that we "currently " have is that " homosexuality isnt hardwired" . read this extract from a science paper- dr.robert spitzer(top american psychiatrist)in his structured analysis of homosexuals who claimed to have changed their orientation through “reparative therapy”, he concluded that the therapy had been genuinely effective: that “almost all of the participants reported substantial changes in the core aspects of sexual orientation, not merely overt behaviour”. Against critics who say that attempts to change sexual orientation can cause emotional harm to homosexuals, he notes: “For the participants in our study, there was no evidence of harm”. this is the same Spitzer whose reforming zeal helped delete homosexuality from the AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION’s manual of mental disorders back in 1973. Now he has published a detailed review of “200 Participants Reporting a Change from Homosexual to Heterosexual orientation”. and why do people think psychiatry = treating the insane? no its not. it has a lot more to it . a homosexual undergoing reparative therapy would not be considered a "mentally deranged" person.. and even if homosexuality had a genetic element to it , pls know that its not just "genetics" that is reponsible for the expression of a particular character(like eye colour, hair type etc) . the environmental influence is equally important . expression of a genetic trait= gene + environment . sunflower - firstly,what you just pasted is a "study" result. you want me to paste study results that show "homosexuality is not genetic" ? they are actually more convincing the individuals chosen there were adults .and its possible for the brain to alter during development .use and disuse or even overuse of any part of the body will cause alterations in the corresponding parts of the brain which represent that "body part" . its not necessary that this finding would have been in them since embryonic life. adnan - you right to some extent .some really do have a religious agenda. but not all (and that includes me ). and since you dislike religion ,are you here to support all the gays? noor- agree with your points except the 2nd one. the percentage is slightly more than 50. to prove its genetic the match must be 100% since they share the same genes. juvegirl - a stained cloth when washed gets back its original colour . homos after the therapy "return" to their original state . why would a want a therapy to make me abnormal? i know you wouldnt like me calling it "abnormal" ,but scientifically ,it is. anything than cant procreate and allow the continuation of its own species is "not" normal. dreamshake - with the evidences we have so far (am a med student btw) , to say homosexuality is genetic is like saying all tall men become basket ball players! u get it? most basketball players happen to be tall but that in no way proves they have a "basketball" gene! here the "height" gene just has a contribution .keep in mind "environmental exposure" has a major role to play. if the BB player never played BB despite being so tall , he can NEVER become a player overnight. dreamshake - i too made that point before ( elimination of gay gene over a period of time).its actually a good one. even if it was controlled by several genes,their numbers would have decreased. in case of other diseases(take diabetes M for example) - if they could reproduce ,then the faulty gene is passed on .since the gene doesnt favour a healthy life , it would gradually regress. but because the environmental factors for the gene expression are very strong ( like over eating , smoking) the gene tends to remain .....[ my theory ..sorry i have no evidence] juvegirl - most mutations result in fatal abnormalities .those that live, have a short lifespan.also such mutations dont grow in alarming numbers like whats happening with the so called gay gene. also mutations dont occur later in life unless theres ionising radiation or something .. where do college girls who become bisexual later on get the radiations from? anita - hi ...hey am sorry if you found this rude .but i just cant sit quite when i see the facts glaring straight at me ..& i ll read your answer @pak chap - fashion? yeah...maybe like keanu reeves wannabes ..hes gay @anita : the 1st and 2nd link you pasted about anti-Y antibodies- is a good hypothesis to "explain only IF homosx was proved to be hardwired " .a fact cannot be deduced from a hypothesis 3rd link about gay men and heterosexl female brain similarity - i already posted a counter argument to butterfly's post 4th link - the percentage is in 60's .thats way too should be nearing 100 since the twins are monozygotic. the "60%" is most probably because twins have the same environmental exposure(brought up in a not-so good environment? were perverted thoughts are not kept under check??) @anita - sorry not butterfly ,its sunflower's post @anita - yes , i shall research on that .inshallah . edit - am so tired .goin off to sleep . heres a link to one of my responses to homosexlty discussion - maryam,you can google out a lot of info online.salam @hydrophilic - liking a boy is not equal to loving a boy . i liked girls when i was a kid and HATED boys.does that say i have increased tendency to become a lesbo? its all in your mind brother! homosexuals and IV drug abusers DO account for the largest AIDs population in the US and the UK this is because anal sex has greater chance of the virus transmission ( the anal route doesnt have enough of anti microbial secretions as in the vaginal route) in the eastern countries its higher among heterosexuals because the homo population in itself is low. lesbians are a low risk group for AIDs.thats true . but its not that "being a lesbian " decreases the risk of infection .you understood that wrong. lesbians dont produce anything in their bodies that would "decrease" their risk of infection. it merely "takes them out" of the high risk group. (simply because of the fact that they cant use the anal route for penetration ..) @hydrophilic - brother, its only in your mind and you can always change that.inshallah.and for argument sake lets say "some" homos really had it in their genes,then they would have to have sabr and refrain from their forbidden sexual act. & about haaving a religious agenda - i wrote all of the above based on my li'le research . religion is a part and parcel of my life and that cant be just does influence my thoughts.and at the end of the day thats what makes me say that "this LARGE Gay population" would not have been created by God.he wouldnt forbid something which he himself created."he doesnt burden a soul greater that it can bear"(surah al baqarah) and even if he did create a few people with the gay gene, then it is a test for these people (like the congenitally blind,deaf people have their test in life)..surely you cant blame God for all the gays.
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Sylvester Sylvester | 9 days ago
Your environment argument fails, because me and my brother were both raised in the same house. We went to the same school and every thing. Yet I am gay and he is not. Oh and I was raised in Pakistan, I didn't even know about sex, let alone being gay. So it has to be something from inside me, because I grew up with only straight people, but I knew I liked boys from very young age. And to be honest, I didn't have a problem with myself until I realized what "Islam's" stance was on Homosexuality. I don't claim to know why I am gay, but believe me when I say it, it is something that was there from the start. WOW, I can't believe the stuff you posted on the other website. The AIDS comment, being a medical student, I am sure you are aware of the fact that AIDS affects every one who takes part in unsafe sex with strangers. Its not just a homosexual thing. HIV can be transmitted to any one who takes part in such activities. Heck the largest group of people living with AIDS are women who got raped. Did you know that in some places people believe that the cure to AIDS is to have sex with a virgin girl? That is just cruel, when such rapes occur by heterosexual men who infect such innocent children. But I am not going to say that ALL heterosexual men are pigs. Oh and btw lesbians have the lowest risk of acquiring HIV, so does that mean it is ok to be a lesbian but not a gay man? And I find it extremely insulting for you to suggest that homosexuals kidnap youngsters. You sound more like a member of the Westborough Chruch when you make such a claim. Please stop borrowing material from Christian websites that are against gay people, chances are those same websites are also anti-Islam.
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Who gives a f*ck about video games right now? Er, HELLO! We have mental terrorists popping out left, right and centre and people want to b*tch about 'games'?? What about the children in western countries dying of cancer because their treatment is apparently 'too expensive', yet our leaders gladly send that money to other countries. Like India for example, who are just about to launch their own MULTI BILLION POUND space project! They need OUR money, when they can afford to do that? No they f*cking don't. So, excuse me for not giving a f8ck about video games. Seriously. People's priorities these days.... The person you're talking about is a classic example

Payton Payton
I think it's pretty clear that there is both a genetic as well as acquired component. In fact all behaviors must have some genetic component. It's just a matter of how much each component contributes. That being said, being homosexual is NOT a sin. It's not being able to control yourself or practicing that is. @Noor 1 - The homosexual gene would have been eliminated by now because its hosts cannot reproduce. At least, we would have fewer homosexuals than there were before. There are many genetic diseases that continue to exist in the population that cause death within the first few years (prior to being able to reproduce). Furthermore, many of these diseases cannot be pinpointed to a single gene but rather a group of genes. 2. - Identical twins share the same genetic structure in both twins; however, only 50% of identical twins are homosexual. Again this would suggest both a genetic and acquired component 3. - You would have a constancy of homosexuality across time and cultures, but this is not the case. Its pretty clear that homosexuality has at least existed since biblical times 4. - If it were genetic, it would be immutable. Unchanging. Untreatable. People wouldn't be able to leave homosexuality. Yet, this is not the case. Thousands of people leave it and lead happy and fulfilling heterosexual lives. Yes there are many who cannot change, again suggesting some genetic component. @op - I am a medical student also, however the level of genetics taught in medical schools is very cursory. Furthermore I stated the homosexuality most likely has a genetic component, not that it is exclusively genetic. There is evidence to suggest that this true for many psychological and aberrant behaviors (example being depression) Not sure of what the basketball example is supposed to demonstrate?
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Lou Lou
From an Islamic perspective, it isn't relevant whether homosexuality is genetic, choice, curse, bad parenting, or of any other origin. If you want to call yourself Muslim, you follow all the rules in the Quran. If you want to call yourself Christian, you follow all the rules in the Bible. If you want to call yourself Jewish (one who follows Judaism of course) you follow all the rules of Halacha. Just like with any religion, if you want to call yourself Buddhist you follow all the rules of the Vinaya Pitaka, etc. The problems only arise when a group wants to follow some of the rules but ignore others. That's where schism or fitna starts. The purpose of Islam in particular, but also Christianity and Judaism is to steer every conscious act towards concordance with the will of God and for the sake of God. There are other practices that are forbidden: Jews can't have porkchops or cheeseburgers, Muslims can't eat porkchops Christians got some help from St Paul so they can eat both of those things. Muslims can't drink Alcohol, Jews and Christians can. But - they all forbid homosexual acts. Not homosexuality per se. If you're homosexual but don't have sex with someone of the same sex - then you can call yourself Muslim, Christian, Jewish. It's when you cross the line from urge to act that it makes the difference and if you make that decision for yourself but feel guilty and rationalize it and tell others it's okay to not follow the rules that's where we need to draw the line. Every person is answerable to God on the Day of Judgement. Don't worry about why it happens. Fact is it does, and we as human beings have no control or knowledge about such matters.
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Jaylen Jaylen
Well, if you read the last one, I'm not in the gene camp, in the hormone camp, with a small number potentially in the mental camp due to abuse of some kind. Many of these tests and studies were conducted in the 1970s, like this one. I think because sex stopped being tabu then. Anyway, most/all of them have been refuted since. Like many Christian groups who have "proved" they can "heal" homosexuality, nearly everyone who is "cured" through behavioural therapy for homosexuality, returns almost immediately to homosexual behaviour. I'm not trying to say everyone should be gay and have gay sex. It's none of my business what other people do. I won't condemn people, because I believe God doesn't want us do that. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with seeing a therapist/psychiatrist, etc. There is just no reason to believe it would work in this case. I say again, do you think any amount of therapy could convince you to be homosexual (if you are hetero)? I know it wouldn't work for me. Why would it work for them? EDIT: Noor (hello GIRL!) I think people misunderstand about genes. They mean it is medically innate and impossible to change, so they think Gene. If you go back to the last question, you'll see what I said about hormones. Anyway, your point 1 is pretty good, except for the fact that genes DO mutate (scientific word for change), so it could keep coming back through these "accidents" (note, I don't think it's a gene, but for argument's sake). I won't bother asking where you got your stats for number 2. They are obviously made up. 50% of identical twins or homosexual? Wow. There IS a constancy of homosexuality across time and cultures. What makes you think there isn't? Again, you can go back to the original question (someone post a link) and see where I mentioned a few famous cases. Thousands of people "leave" homosexuality? I don't buy it. I won't ask you to bring stats, they'll just be made up. But seriously, even if there ARE stats, how can you know that they are "lead[ing] happy and fulfilling heterosexual lives"? they might be married to someone of the opposite sex, that doesn't men they are happy and fulfilled. PChap: The point of reminding us that there are gay animals is to point to a biological source. We aren't looking to animals for justification, simply to demonstrate that it's not abuse, or the environment or choice. Once again, I don't think it's a gene, I think it's due to a hormone blip during pregnancy (which would dovetail nicely with Sunflower's study). Smiles: huh? Homosexuals do not return to their original state by the thearpy, they return after the effects of the "brainwashing" wears off. Their original state is....homosexual. I mean, are you arguing how it happens, or just trying to make everyone say what you already believe? If so, get a mirror and talk to yourself! I didn't mean to imply you should try to become gay. In fact, I can't imagine anyone would understand that from what I posted. My point is only to say, do you think it would work. Would behavioural therapy cause you to be gay. It wouldn't make me gay. If it can't turn heterosexuals into homosexuals, there is no reason to believe it would work in the opposite direction. I don't care if you call them abnormal. I'd bet they would call anyone who intentionally misinterprets easy to understand statements as abnormal.
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Galahad Galahad
Homosexuality is not genetic, but it is still out of control. Heterosexuality or homosexuality develop during the early years of your life not after you're fully grown. No one "chooses" to be homo or hetero. It's a mater of psychology. Contrary to common belief, homosexuality is pretty normal not abnormal. You might say it's abnormal because you ascribe it to your religious beliefs or the majority of people. It's not a disease or a problem, but in an ignorant society, a homosexual person might face problems. Yes, Islam has forbidden "acts of homosexuality", but Islam has never talked about "feelings of homosexuality" as being sinful. You can't control who you are attracted to, but you can control your actions. The only reason that people are so prejudiced about homosexuality is that you will not know a person is homo unless he partakes in gay activities such as "sodomy", but this is far from the truth. There are a lot of homosexual people around you who keep their feelings to themselves and even marry a person of the opposite sex. They hide their feelings, because they're obedient to God. How come when the topic of homosexuality is brought up, people immediately think about sodomites, but when the topic of heterosexuality is brought up no one thinks about fornicators? You're not guilty of who you are or what your sexual orientation is, but you are responsible for your "actions".
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Deonte Deonte
Hi read my answer to this question, I provide sources which show homosexuality has a strong genetic component:;_ylt=AkKoiO9Hn3_kf9kqms3CS6nty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081010061942AAMnkdr&show=7#profile-info-pThx9eA6aa I don't claim homosexuality is 100% genetic but that it is strongly influenced by genetics. @Fagistani chap that guy who answered could have been lying. Do you believe everything people tell you? @asker no I don't find this rude at all. I don't claim to be right or wrong, I just go with what the research says but I will take your point of view into consideration. @Paki Chap well maybe those people were always bisexual but never acted on it, so see no problem being with the same sex. Ever thought of that? Paki chap- by the way I'm a bit busy so haven't read that link you gave, but I will read it later and respond. Anyway, read Sunflower's response on that question I asked- it is quite interesting. @Asker well there are countless other studies which show homosexuality has genetic component, just research it. But I have a feeling since you have closed your mind to the possibility that it may be, that you will try to refute and find flaws with all of them. Anyway, there is no 'gay gene' as such, but homosexuality is polygenic. Also how do you explain: -why gay people who get therapy to 'cure' their homosexuality do NOT get cured. (If you believe they do get cured, please provide some source which shows this). -why do gay people feel like they were born gay and are unable to feel attracted to the opposite sex? -gay animals (who are unable to think for themselves and therefore unable to make a conscious decision to be gay) -why is homosexuality not considered a mental disorder? According to this site 'Some psychologists and psychiatrists still hold negative personal attitudes toward homosexuality. However, empirical evidence and professional norms do not support the idea that homosexuality is a form of mental illness or is inherently linked to psychopathology.'
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Benett Benett
people are people. even a religious wingnut should be able to tell the difference between Good and Bad. you gotta fill the 'Bad' column with acts of violence, etc. fill the 'Good' column with acts of kindness, etc. if two people are in a healthy loving relationship it shouldn't matter which gender they are, even if it does offend your phoney-baloney god. try to grow a pair and stand up to the religious wingnuts that have been holding back the world for six thousand years.
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Abbot Abbot
they keep researching about this but they didn't, not they will prove that homosexuality is genetic. I found these reasons very reasonable : 1 - The homosexual gene would have been eliminated by now because its hosts cannot reproduce. At least, we would have fewer homosexuals than there were before. 2. - Identical twins share the same genetic structure in both twins; however, only 50% of identical twins are homosexual. 3. - You would have a constancy of homosexuality across time and cultures, but this is not the case. 4. - If it were genetic, it would be immutable. Unchanging. Untreatable. People wouldn't be able to leave homosexuality. Yet, this is not the case. Thousands of people leave it and lead happy and fulfilling heterosexual lives.
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