Any good writing ideas?

Any good writing ideas? Topic: Any good writing ideas?
June 27, 2019 / By Abbigael
Question: I'm having a "writer's block". I want to submit a fictional piece for a magazine but all the ideas I've had don't really seem to be good enough for me. I want an idea that's creative, entertaining and not too cliche. Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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Stafford Stafford | 1 day ago
Rather than give you an idea that I come up with for an idea for you, I will give you some simple techniques I use when I want to write something, and then I will list some websites to writing prompts below. While writer's block is difficult to deal with, there are some simple techniques that can really help all writers. When I was in seventh grade, I needed to write a series of vignettes, such as those of Sandra Cisneros' "The House on Mango Street." I had a TERRIBLE case of writer's block, and I used that to my benefit. I wrote a short story about a wall that blocked ideas from exiting my brain and going to my hands to write it, and it turned into one of my favorite stories I've written. Keep a small notebook on you at all times, because you never know when an idea will pop into your head. An idea can come to you any time, such as when you're on the train, walking through the park, or on an airplane, and you might not have anywhere to log the idea. I was once walking down the street, and saw this boy who looked so forlorn, and I took a notebook, and when I got onto the bus, I took out my notebook and began writing a back-story to the boy -- why was he so upset? What happened to make him upset? From that, I got several ideas for different stories that I am currently working on, one of which I am done with, and might become a novella. If you have a notebook and pen or pencil on hand, you are always close to something where you can log everything that comes from your mind. Ideas can come at any time, so it's good to be prepared for a flash of genius that will inevitably come. If I have writer's block, I sometimes just write random words, and hopefully some idea will come from that. Take a pencil, or an empty Word document and just begin typing or writing words. Something is bound to hit you eventually. I used to just do these exercises where I did nothing but write random sentences without using punctuation. This helped my brain juices to flow, and it allowed me to write some short poems and short, short stories. Sometimes that rare moment when two words fit together perfectly to give you a great idea for a story occurs, and who knows? Maybe those two words can launch a series of books, or a series of plays, or the great American novel. I draw inspiration from everything when I have writer's block. I take inspiration from news stories, from YouTube videos, music, a story my friend told me, your own personal experiences, and anything and everything in between. It's not wrong to get ideas from everyday things such as a news story about a gay teenager committing suicide, or an attempt terrorist attack of an airplane. If you do end up using something like a news story, you have to make it your own. Keep that in mind if you do use those things as your inspiration. "Writer's Digest | Writing Prompts" "Creative Writing Prompts" "Writing Topics" The last advice I can give you is to keep at it. Don't give up because you don't have an idea. Go for a walk, get some air, go for a drive, go get some food, or do something that can help your brain work, and then you can get some ideas. Never give up, and push through the writer's block, because something brilliant is bound to come out of writer's block. All the best ♥
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I suggest you check your area college and university MBA Marketing programs. Often times they have students who have to complete their theses by tackling problems such as yours. Your particular problem could be stated to them as "How do I bring a product to market without capital or resources? You would likely go and talk to the Chairperson of the MBA Programs at said college or university, and ask them if they have any students that were still seeking ideas on a Graduate School Thesis. If you live in a college town, or a huge metropolitan area you'll have a lot to choose from. A rather simple form called a "Non Disclosure Agreement Form" may be used . Have anybody that you talk to first sign that form. This includes the Chaimman of those business departments as well. The form may be found at local stationery stores or even in your local library. If you can't find the form using this method, then trek down to your closest area law school and prevail upon them to give you one. Make "NO" your vitamin, and ask until you get it. Good luck as you persevere. Nothing takes the place of perseverance!!!!!!!!!!

Otis Otis
What you could desire to do is placed the reader ready in which they must make a option. Moral problems which might be left unanswered will constantly control a reader into figuring out for themselves in which their values lie. For illustration: if you happen to write approximately conflicting feeling in one in all your characters (proper and fallacious problems) however you additionally upload a few tragedy that makes the results of a "dangerous selection" the "proper factor" to do, the reader would possibly suppose torn among their possess absolute experience of well and dangerous and the occasions of the individual. Example: Shelly steals groceries from the grocer. Inside it is tough for her to make the selection whether or not or to not take them, but if she will get house she feeds her a million/two starved youngsters. You would constantly upload extra intensity by way of making the rationale why she has no cash be that she is a drug addict. Or placed her in an abusive dating that she needed to go away and now could be left homeless/penniless... you would upload spontaneous new know-how approximately your individual whilst retaining the awareness at the ethical challenge of stealing. Changing occasions more often than not forces the reader to difference their opinion and it this situation it could be an opinion of proper or fallacious... one of the vital conflicting problems that humans battle with.
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Lesly Lesly
I wrote a post that will help you. Writing Ideas: Where To Get Them? "I've been waiting too long to see the doctor!" Someone blurted at a crowded doctor's office. Writing ideas exist in those words. Take a look. The first idea surrounds a lady who forgot to take her medicine. She hops up, demands to see a doctor. The office staff tries to calm her. The doctor bursts through the door with a syringe in hand. Only, the lady... What twist would you put on the idea. Or, what notes would you scribble down to explore later? Read the entire post for other ideas.
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Jamieson Jamieson
Ugh I hate writers block. Try write something totally different to what you write usually. Such as if you prefer to write your character's POV (POV=point of view) write your POV as the author. Like instead of "I felt very angry" write "He/she she felt very angry" many people find it easier to read the authors point of view. Anyway aside from the writing style think of a good solid plot that's easy to do. Like maybe write about what you watch on the news. Like imagine if you were a girl or boy in Haiti without food water or shelter , if you were in a car crash , if you had been a witness in a robbery if you had been in a fire , if you had found a murdered body etc. Try to think of something realistic and interesting and mysterious.
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