Any help on losing weight?

Any help on losing weight? Topic: Any help on losing weight?
July 16, 2019 / By Alann
Question: I am 5'4 and I weight 154 and I am having trouble getting to the weight I want to be. Whether its 10 pounds or 30 pounds...I'd be happy if I lost anywhere in that amount. 30 maybe stretching it a bit but I would really like to lose weight but it seems no matter how hard I try I can't do it. I'll excersise for a while and eat healthier and just when I see results I get sick or something else comes up like homework...which I get a lot of...preventing me from doing what I want to. I need a plan, and a good one. Also, I've heard that writing down everything u eat [not counting calories] can help you lose weight. And for me as a 14 year old...the idea of eating less is repulsive especially when I already eat fine! I am suggesting an eating disorder here and if u r promoting one...don't post!
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Sybil Sybil | 5 days ago
Diet: Eat Oatmeal for breakfast...Dont get the original one but the 1 minute one because its tinier, any fruits and a few eggs. Then at Lunch...You can make your own salad, Tuna sandwich and fruits. Dinner eat salad again with meat and fruits. Snack on Fruits in between course meals. Make your meals the night before when you have time. On your free days exercise. Do High Intensity Interval training (HIIT), it burns more calories overall, up to 3 times as many calories as low intensity. HIIT is defined as doing cardio at very high intensity until you get tired and then lowering the intensity until you catch your breath and then increasing the intensity again until you get tire. For example: Run at a fast pace on the treadmill at an incline until you’re exhausted and then slow it down to a jog or a walk until you catch your breath and then run again. Do these intervals to burn the most calories. Write down what you do and then make sure to meet or beat it next time. WEIGHT TRAINING: Train weights at night (daily doubles, cardio in the a.m., weights at night). Break your body up into two parts, upper body, lower body. Train 2 days on and one day off. Lift for no more than 30-40 minutes and keep increasing the weight over time in order to challenge yourself. Opinions are like noses, everybody has one, and everybody loves to give out opinions. Trust me when I say that no advice will take the place of hard work. The fundamentals are all the same, but those that work the hardest get the best results. Eat 5 or 6 meals a day (a protein shake is considered a meal). Proteins are from lean sources like egg white, fish, chicken, lean beef. Carbs are from complex sources such as whole wheat, brown rice and vegetables. Fats are included in the protein sources. Write down all the foods you would like to incorporate in your diet. Divide them up into 5 or 6 meals. Use a nutrition guide (they have them online as well such as to write down the total calories, protein, fats and carbs like I did and then calculate the percentages at the bottom like I did so you can see how it breaks down. You can then make adjustments as necessary to keep fats low and lean proteins high. 150 grams of protein a day (about a gram per pound) is what I would shoot for. Total calories can be anywhere between 1,200 and 2,000 per day depending on what you need to maintain decent energy levels and depending on the intensity of your training. 1,500 is a good starting point. Adjust down if you can’t lose weight and adjust up if you’re losing weight too quickly or losing muscle which can usually be felt by being tired and weak. GOODLUCK and get used to WATER if your not! Drink a lot of it...
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Sybil Originally Answered: Losing weight in 2-3 months?
this may sound stupid, but when you exercise, were as much clothing as possible without causing discomfort. this will cause you to sweat and will help you lose extra pounds. i was on the wrestling team this year(i am also a freshman) and many wrestlers trying to lose weight would go running in many layers of clothing. be sure to drink ALOT of water if you try this. also if you use a lot of blankets while you sleep, you will sweat and lose weight without even moving! good luck!

Reagan Reagan
The important thing is exercise. Cardio will burn fat, and weight training will add muscle and make you look more toned. You sound busy, so you probably can't get to the gym but there are things you can do around your house that will help you slim down. For example, make a list of all the places that you often drive (get driven) or take the bus too that are within 1-2 or 3 miles, and start biking or walking there. It will make a huge difference. Keep eating well, that will do a lot for you. Even when you are sick you don't have to throw it all out the window. Drink lots of water, don't eat late at night. Eat a big breakfast, a medium lunch, and a small dinner. You can do crunches or situps at night to make your stomach look flatter. The main thing a lot of people do, is they assume if they make one mistake they might as well throw it all out the window. Just if you have a week or two of bad eating or not much exercise, doesn't mean you have to keep doing that. You can get back right on track, and not just give up. Eat lots of protein, vegetables, and fruits. You're not that much, but if you want to slim down that's fine. Just try losing 10 or 15 pounds, not any more then that. Also, muscle weighs more then fat. You need 1,200 - 2,000 calories a day, or 2,500 if you exercise on that day. Here is a plan, if you want one Breakfast: Big breakfast, Eggs and Wholewheat toast, Oatmeal, a smoothie with low fat yogurt, ect. Lunch: A grain, and vegetables (Rice and cooked vegetables, an apple and pita bread with hummus, ect.) Dineer: Protein and vegetables, (Beans, rice, and broccoli, or something else) Snacks: Protein or fruits/veggies This is just a basic idea, to give you a look at what a healthy day would look like. For exercising, just try jogging around the block a few times, taking a walk, doing some crunches... Even if you can't do a hard workout you can at least take a nice walk and it will make a difference. Good luck! Email me if you need more tips! [email protected]
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Merle Merle
Yes having a food journal does help some people. Really the best way to lose weight is through exercise. Can you go to bed an hour early and wake up an hour early to exercise?
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Lesleigh Lesleigh
I lost 40 pounds in the past 2 years.. here's how. Give up FAST FOOD and sugar soda. Period. Don't "just this once" because it will add up. If you're out and can't spend much time, get a big salad with the lowest fat dressing available, or an all veggie sub with no cheese or mayo from subway. Add spinach and broccoli or another leafy dark green veggie to your diet at least once a day in big portions. The vitamins are great and the fiber helps you to feel full longer and get rid of whatever junk you ate last. Eat plenty of vegetables. In fact, eat as much as you like (NOT CORN and potatoes.) You can have them raw, steamed, or sauteed in a teaspoon of olive oil with salt and pepper. Hide them in other things if you have to. Instead of eating boring and fatty meat sauce on pasta, add cooked chopped spinach or peppers to tomato sauce. Use whole grain pasta. Whole grain bread, egg whites or egg substitute, lentils or black beans, nonfat or soy fruit smoothies (no sugar), uncooked almonds. All of these things are good. Sweet potatoes chopped and LIGHTLY drizzled with olive oil and s&p are great. I ate large portions of egg substitute/egg whites scrambled with as many veggies as I could find (usually chopped broccoli or spinach, onions and mushrooms), ate plenty of salads with a handful of nuts and dried berries and chopped apples in vinaigrette, made basic vegetarian chili and drank a lot of soy milk and water throughout the day. A snack of whole grain bread with low fat peanut butter helped to kill cravings. Every time that I reached for chips I thought "when did I eat a proper meal last?" If it was over 4 hours ago, I went and ate fruit or veggies and a few nuts or went to the next meal. Eating smaller portions more often makes you feel more fulfilled. Try not to think of it as a diet. I read a great book called "French Women Don't get Fat" and it helped me to realize that we need to concentrate more on what we're eating and what we SHOULD be eating rather than what we shouldn't. Losing weight and being healthy at the same time is really important, but it's a big pain to figure it all out if you aren't used to it, but a few new things a day will end up changing your whole outlook. I also joined curves and go only 1-2x per week. I bought dance dance revolution and a dance pad for my xbox and play at home. It's fun and a great work out!
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Lesleigh Originally Answered: Kids losing weight fast?
Your could serve more vegetables and less starch. Starch is found in potatoes and rice. Try to get whole grain foods. Make her eat breakfast but not something sugary . Make her eat fruits like bananas, apples,pears and cantaloupe. Also try bringing lunch from home instead of letting her eat the horrible food at school. Some ideas are whole grain sandwichs, fruit, healthy snacks like 100 calorie packs. When she gets home encourage her not to watch TV but to do her homework and then go outside and play dodgeball, run around, play a sport or play with pet if you have one. For an afternoon snack she can try baked chips that Lays have or a fruit cup. For beverages try to get apple or grape juice they come with no added sugar in some brands. For dinner try to get chicken, turkey or pork chops with a side of whole grain rice or vegetables. For dessert there is a lot of ice cream that is good for her just look in the ice cream aisle and also there is healthier whip cream. Try to set a limit for the TV. Not only is this a good life style but it will teach your daughter later on in life how to eat healthy. This is also helping your family lifestyle.

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