any ideas with a short story help!?

any ideas with a short story help!? Topic: any ideas with a short story help!?
June 24, 2019 / By Sybella
Question: im writing a short story and the short story needs a theme i already have a theme which is "its not our ability thats makes us who we are, it is our choices" i been trying to come up with a story but nothing if u guys have any ideas i would greatly appreciate it! thnx
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Rayne Rayne | 5 days ago
Your theme reminds me of the saying, "a situation doesn't make a man, it reveals him." If you want some free-gratis-and for nothing story idea software you can download WriteSparks Lite at It can produce random first lines, words, proverbs and much more to get the creative juices off and running. Alternatively use the "What if?" scenario. Just think of your main character and give them a flaw (scared of the dark, scared of heights, an alcoholic - the choice is yours), think of a difficult situation for them and then keep asking "What if?" For instance, your character is scared of spiders so what if they were in a forest full of spiders? What if they couldn't get out? What if they started going crazy? What if it got dark? What if they realised they weren't alone? What if they realised that spiders were now the least of their problems? Just start writing and I'm sure the ideas will flow.
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Rayne Originally Answered: Does anyone have any good ideas for a short story?
ironic that you are asking others for ideas for a story that "has to be original/creative idea" I know it is hard to come up with ideas under pressure but you need to come up with your own. since you can't really write anyone elses idea. it is in their head no yours. don't think about it. when I am not thinking about something is when the best ideas come to me.

Merla Merla
Does that have to be your theme? When I write I find it easier to come up with a story first and then tie in a theme.
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Lesia Lesia
It will be difficult if you have a theme in advance. Write a story and then see if there is a theme.
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Jorja Jorja
i know it extremely is lots to some time past.... yet for people who're basically finding for subject count techniques here they're: - sometime a female is going to a pair style of camp or something for 3 years comes back to greet her superb buddy and whilst she comes abode her superb buddy has been in juelville. She despertly desires to maintain her superb buddy and realizes that HE loves her! -a huge disaster comes whilst 2 friends %. incorrect friends to attraction to close out with and that they disintegrate -a female has been caught merchandising drugs and is beat as much as the max or is going to reformatory( you could tell how she feels interior approximately merchandising drugs) -A popstar is going undercover as a nerd to sense how its desire to be a reagular youngster in extreme college, in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it grew to become into terrible! quickly between the "regularly occurring ladies" scouse borrow her telephone and unearths out she the actress and tells her to call herself a dork at school in any different case shes going to permit loose her secret! basically saying those are my techniques!
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Jorja Originally Answered: What do you think of this short story?
I really like this, especially your use of language! I think the last few sentences could close off the story a bit nicer, but was actually very entertaining to read. Great job, you should write more!

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