Any one a Librarian or know a Librarian?

Any one a Librarian or know a Librarian? Topic: Any one a Librarian or know a Librarian?
June 18, 2019 / By Adele
Question: I was thinking of becoming a Librarian, and have done some research as far as certified schools and salaries. I would like some real life examples. What is the work and pay really like. How long did it take you to get a Masters in Library Science. I'm 32 and have a B.S degree. The job seems great! Please share pros and cons etc. THANKS!!!
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Tayler Tayler | 9 days ago
Former university librarian here (20 years experience). Here's the poop: salaries range wildly, depending on where you work and what kind of library you work in. For example, the starting salary for a reference librarian (with an MLS and second masters) at my university library is less than the salary at a local community college library, which has more vacation days and better benefits. A starting salary of $40K at UCLA is peanuts, whereas you can live not badly on a starting salary of $35K in smalltown Georgia (no peanut humor intended). The work also varies--I got out of the profession when I accepted the fact that most students went straight to the Internet to do research (or just download a paper) and never asked for help anymore. I also know at least one public library manager who is seeking a lower paying job in the same system just to get away from the personnel problems (I've come across some library folks with serious problems over the years--librarians can be a scary bunch!). To get a degree, check the American Library Association's website for accredited programs. DO NOT GO to an unaccredited program--no one will hire you, at least in academia. The course work isn't hard, and you can easily get out in about a year and a half, if you go fulltime. Ask about internships, assistantships, etc. When I went through, almost everyone in my class of 75 got some sort of stipend from the school.
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Peter Peter
A lot of these answers seem to be pretty wrong. Basically, it depends on what kind of a librarian you want to be. Middle school and high school librarians don't make very much at all, and you don't need much experience. However, public libraries can sometimes pay a decent wage, while Universities often pay their librarians quite well. The catch is that you need an BA to be a librarian for a university campus library. Lots of big schools give degrees to become professional librarians. Dalhousie, McGill, U of T, UBC all over programs in "Librarian and Information Studies". Most of these positions pay roughly $50000 - 60000 a year.
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Luther Luther
I can't speak from personal experience, though I did recently interview for a library job. It didn't require the MLS but it paid very badly (it was part-time in a small town). Some library science majors complain about how hard it is to find a job in the field, but those that do mostly seem to love it. For a lot of information on the job, I recommend going to and looking at the various threads by "Librarians Who LibraryThing." I read the thread on things people hate about their job just to get an idea of some of the downsides--a lot of it boiled down to dealing with the crazy parts of the public, but people also mentioned low pay, lack of respect, difficulty in finding a library job, etc. Two universal themes emerged: 1) just because you're in a library doesn't mean you ever have time to read; and 2) this is a job about customer service--you have to have people skills to do it well.
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Jeff Jeff
I worked part time as a librarian assistant so can't tell you that much. but it seems the librarians had very different roles depending on which department they were in. plus there's levels obviously, so some have to set up programs and run them, others oversee everything etc. reference librarians have it the worst i think. I would walk into you local library and ask them, they are more than happy to talk to you. I know a couple of the librarians had library science degrees but i think others had it in something else.
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Garfield Garfield
It takes about 1.5 - 2 years to get the degree, depending on how many classes you take at once. The people I know with MLS degrees (and that's at least 5 people) are making in the 40k - 60k range. They work for school libraries, companies, universities, and national archives. They love it - apparently librarians have the highest job satisfaction of any career.
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Deryck Deryck
I am not a Librarian, but I get daily notifications from job websites like and and within the website, it gives you information such as pay rates, educational and other requirements you might need for a job like that. These websites are Free and you basically just have to register at their websites and you can even set up, as I did, to receive daily notifications of current job postings in your area.
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