Any photographers out there (long)?

Any photographers out there (long)? Topic: Any photographers out there (long)?
June 26, 2019 / By Sienna
Question: hi, i know im young, but i want to be a photographer. is there anything like traits of a person that is most common with photographers? when i was in school, they made everyone take a test on the computer to see what kind of jobs that you would be good at in the future, and my suggested career was photographer, and that's what i always wanted to be. right now i have a digital camera, and when people see the pictures that i took, they ask did you really take that? in technical education class in school, i took a week on digital photography and i learned all about the pixels and layering, and shadows/lighting. when im older i want to travel all over the world and take nature photos and pictures of the eiffel tower and beautiful things. any good colleges that support photography? anyone who is a photographer who has tips?
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Philis Philis | 6 days ago
The only trait you have to have is the 'Photographers Eye'. You know you have that if you can take consistent photos that are better than the usual. I've always had mixed feelings about those career tests in school. To me they never did any good because they are so vague. Going with your talent is the best solution. And if photography is your talent then expand on it and accomplish your dreams through it. As far as a college. It is good to go and get a good foundation on photography but I would suggest you not go to major in it. Major in something that you like to do too in case your photography plans don't work out. Also this can help you to get started with financing your equipment and your travels. A kinda of starting foundation I like to call. I'm going to college majoring in something else for that very reason. I had the same idea as you. But I decided to major in Indusrtial Design because I loved doing it and it is something I know I can do and be good at if my plans fail. Don't get me wrong. I am going to take classes in photography that my college offers. Luckily I work for the photography teacher so I get in for free. There's a tip for you. Work for a photographer. It doesn't matter if they are a portrait photographer. And it doesn't matter if you take any photos it is a great idea to work for one. That's what I did and am still doing to this day. I have learned alot of the trade with business and photography itself. Not just portrait either. Also my boss has given my great oppertunities to sell my work with his. Well, let's just say I now have six 30x40 framed prints hanging in two different banks around the area. Working for a photographer (if they are generous enough) can help you get noticed. Here are some more tips: Study other photographer photos that are similar to yours. Caompare and contrast between to yours and theirs. Look at their subject style, the angle and the coposition. Look at the lighting and the style itself. You will end up creating your own style but it helps to look at others. I still do this and I have been a photographer for three years. Get a photography book and study the different techniques and rules. Understand the composition of photography, why and how does this specific technique make this photo look good. Talk to other photographer and seek criticism. Avoid seeking this criticism from friends and family because they will lie to avoid hurting your feelings. You can join and join groups that are specific for criticism. It's all consrtuctive criticism and people aren't trying to be mean otherwise they get kicked out. Go online and search for tips and tricks. There are plenty of websites devoted to helping the beginner photograper. Learn art. The concepts and what makes art art. Take some art classes. When you get good enough or when you get an outstounding photo start entering contests. They don't have to be specifically photo contest but they can be art contest of they allow photography. On the first day I got my first camera I took an outstanding photo and entered it into a contest two months later. I ended up winning honorable mention which was an incrdible feet for me and people like me. Of course don't be dicouraged if you don't win. Just try harder the next time. I've entered two contest since then and I havn't won. I even enterd the same contest that I won in and I still didn't win. Also, join your local photography clubs. This is a great way to talk to and make friends with other photographers of the same or better skill level. Clubs typically giveout great tips and techniques and they also have contests each week or month, depending on the club. They also go on photo excursions to different places to help you with your skills of different subjects and situations. There are many more I wish I could tell you. But I would be here all night typing them down. If you want to look at some of my photos please feel free. You can view them here:[email protected] Enjoy and good luck with accomplishing you dreams.
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Martina Martina
Ah yes, travel the world, photograph the beautiful things and people, live la dolce vita and get paid for it. Only if you work for a magazine that's willing to send you on those kinds of assignments, OR if you spend your own money to travel there, shoot the shots, and hope someone will buy them. Otherwise, you'll end up in a studio somewhere, doing portraits and weddings, and maybe an occasional commercial shoot. I would have suggested that you find a school back in the days when you had to learn darkroom technique if you really wanted to learn photography, but no one uses film any more, so that's gone forever. If you do find your way to the art directors and photo buyers of this world the only thing they care about is DID YOU GET THE SHOT? They couldn't care less which school you went to, or if you graduated in the top five percent of your class. They only want to see your work. If you have pictures they want, they'll buy them from you. It's as simple as that. Get a degree in accounting instead. Keep taking pictures, and get yourself on the school newspaper staff and the yearbook staff to gain actual assignment experience. Start sending prints to the photo editors of magazines and ask both their opinion and if you can perhaps do an assignment for them. If you live near New York City go see these people. Ad and talent agencies, too.
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Lakeisha Lakeisha
Sorry but true - we can all take pretty pictures. The only way to make a career as photographer, is to embrace the total field of the digital application of it. that means you will have to learn how to print photos and work with images. And not just printing it on paper, but the whole scope of media photos gets printed on. Suddenly you find that photography is merely a tool used but graphic designers, sign makers, page layout and designers etc etc. Few people truly appreciate the digital revolution...
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Jenna Jenna
Personally im not a photograpther but I would suggest going onto Craigslist and finding photoagraphers and emailing them questions. also look here for colleges
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