Any Short story ideas? HELP!?

Any Short story ideas? HELP!? Topic: Any Short story ideas? HELP!?
June 19, 2019 / By Abnor
Question: Thinking of writing a short story, just a couple chapters long. Any ideas? Something creative. Please! All suggestions are welcome!
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Sloan Sloan | 8 days ago
I'll give you a couple of themes and I'll let you work on them: -Magic -Murder Mystery -Mythical Creatures...? -A War Story -A story of a person's life, and shocking events that happen to them...? Good Luck!
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Sloan Originally Answered: Short story ideas!?
If you are out of ideas you should read short stories to get in the writing mood ^_^ You should check out some of Neil Gaimans stories they are really great and have won a lot of awards so by reading them you can get a good idea about what people like.One of his best short stories Snow Glass Apples (it was something like that i dont remember the exact order) is posted on line and is REALLY VERY GOOD so you can read it for free if you google `neil gaiman snow glass apples ` Stephen King has a book about writing that you might like and it has a lot of interesting ideas.

Pleasant Pleasant
maybe like that a boy starts to see things and it stops right before someone gets hurt. so he tries to stop but when he tries to stop, people start to die, just like he sees. that's just like the story im writing, but way different.
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Mattie Mattie
So, how are you going to write this "Short story" If you have to ask other people for what it is going to be about. I mean really.. How uncreative can you get?
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Laryn Laryn
"Did you hear?" Charlotte said to Milmot, her male friend from next door. "Hear what?!" Milmot said in harsh tones, annoyed by her gossipy nature. "Did you hear that Mrs Biscus from down the road, at number 22, died in her sleep last night?" She said in hushed tomes. "No I didn't. And why are you whispering?" he said, still annoyed. -------------------------- you finish it.
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Laryn Originally Answered: any ideas for a short story? How do I start it?
I had the same problem, I joined a writing community called I think you might find it useful. Being around other writers made me more creative. They have a private writing area where you can organize your writings and its really easy! [you don't have to post if you don't want to ] They have some great writing tools and posting features for getting critiques and reviews. The other writers give helpful advice. Worth checking out!

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