Anybody have hot kissing stories?

Anybody have hot kissing stories? Topic: Anybody have hot kissing stories?
June 18, 2019 / By Ashlynn
Question: I'm writing a screenplay and I need a really hot kissing scene. You can tell me about personal expierence or just make something up. Please help!
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Zion Zion | 6 days ago
why don't you make something up i'm pretty creative.... let me think ok-- there's a girl, and she has a huge crush on this guy. through the entire play up until this point. the guy likes her too but make it a secret. -- wait how old are they?-- if they're younger maybe they go on a high school trip and they're in an aquarium or a planetarium, somewhere dark. the girls wanders off into a rather empty foom and the guy sees her out of the corner of his eye. he walks into the room where she's looking at one of the exhibits and she doesn't notice him in the room with her, he walks up behind her, grabs her hips and whispers in her ear something like "shhh don't worry" and she turns her head to look at him kind of scared until she realizes who it is and he whispers "ive been waiting to get you alone" and they start kissing and you can take it from there, maybe some people walk in and they stop really fast and pretend to be looking at the exhibit and when the people leave they go their separate ways. he could leave her a note somewhere to tell her to meet him and they could get more intimate there. another scenario, if these two are older of if you just like this one better -- maybe they work together or are in college together -- man it would be great of you would tell us what you had up until this point -- and they get into a heated argument in a class/meeting over something controversial proposed by the teacher (global warming, right to keep and bear arms, abortion) or the boss (some kind of budget cut thanks to the economy or something like that) maybe he says something really rude to her and she sits down all p!ssed off and he wins the argument. later on there's a shot of him walking down a hall and he gets uplled around a corner or into a janitors closet by this crazy hot girl from the meeting and she demands an apology. you can see where to take it from there. you can decide if you want it to be awkward around the two after that or or not. i would say awkward or hostile would be good.
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This is like saying "Hasn't all great art already been drawn?" "Hasn't all great music already been composed?" "Hasn't every scientific discovery been made?" "Hasn't every possible creative thought already been thought?" The answer is absolutely not. The depths of the human mind have hardly been tapped. There will be no doubt similarities between certain creative works in various mediums, but they will not be the same. There is no way of saying everything has already been created. Not when we as a people and species are evolving. Just as there is cutting edge science, there is cutting edge writing. It just takes a person gifted and creative enough to discover it.

Sly Sly
This Site Might Help You. RE: Anybody have hot kissing stories? I'm writing a screenplay and I need a really hot kissing scene. You can tell me about personal expierence or just make something up. Please help!
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Orson Orson
It was valentine day.I got my boyfriend a gift.he smiled to me in a very friendly way without saying anything and started opening his gift like an excited kid.I started getting close to him and kissed him and asked him if he was happy.he said I luv u and I'm very happy and then we started staring at each other very passionatly and then made out.the end.
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Len Len
you are too funny girl!! yeah I agree with the first answer it is messy the first time and you really don't know what to do you just do it. you will get better and better so don't worry about it just have fun!
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there is a place online called this is a place a bunch of writers write for fun. you could read these stories and get some inspiration. I hope my answer will help. good luck on your homework! :)

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