Anybody know a (legal) way a 13 year old can make $3000 by May 1st?

Anybody know a (legal) way a 13 year old can make $3000 by May 1st? Topic: Anybody know a (legal) way a 13 year old can make $3000 by May 1st?
June 19, 2019 / By Tamela
Question: Now, before you say im crazy, its for a really important cause! When I was in 6th grade I took those Standardized test things. I got a letter from Duke University saying that I scored high enough on those tests and was invited to take the SAT or the ACT to see how well I can do on a college entrance exam. Well, i just got a letter yesterday saying that I scored high enough on the SAT and am invited to go to Kansas University this summer to take a couple of college courses for 3 weeks!!! The only problem is it's 3000 dollars and my mom and dad wont pay for it! My dream job is to be an author and three of the courses deal with creative writing. It's the chance of a lifetime and my parents wont pay for it. I have 400 dollars saved up for a car but im going to use it for this. Do you guys know any legal ways i can get the rest by May 1st that doesn't require me using the internet? (only because my mom probably wouldn't let me)
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Best Answers: Anybody know a (legal) way a 13 year old can make $3000 by May 1st?

Rexanne Rexanne | 6 days ago
Find people to sponsor you. Ask teachers,neighbors and parents friends to help you. ask your parents if they are willing to contribute even a smaller amount. you can in exchange work for these people walking their dogs, mowing lawns or other household chores
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Mildred Mildred
Other posters gave you great ideas on how to raise the money. Don't forget to look and see if scholarships are available, if so, you *might* qualify. My son has been invited to similar programs, like John Hopkins, etc (he's your age) and I've noticed that there are scholarships available at some programs. If it is impossible in this economy, I suggest you look for local summer programs close to your home. There should be some at local community or other colleges that would be less expensive. I know it's so exciting to go off from home on an adventure, but sometimes it doesn't work out the way we wished, so why not do what's second best? My son was invited to some local programs. I think they got his ERB standardized test scores from the school, so maybe there is something local that your school just hasn't made you aware of. Good luck!
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Liane Liane
Aww that's really responsible of you to use the saved up money for this. Your the type of person i don't mind paying taxes for, can't you get a grant from the college? Or a student loan or something? I could only think a full time job could provide that much income. I would borrow you the money if there was a way
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Julie Julie
check with your guidance counselor and see if there any grants available for something like that. If you go to church anywhere ask your youth minister to approach the church board and see if they will help. Its spring, mow lawns, wash cars, wash windows, put feelers out in the community for donations.
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Glenys Glenys
family member you can loan the money from..or a few personalized loans, make lil contracts, and due dates for payments and such garage sale paper route(if they even still have those...) goood luck
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