Anyone just starting their 2WW?

Anyone just starting their 2WW? Topic: Anyone just starting their 2WW?
May 24, 2019 / By Achan
Question: Ok, so I am just starting my 2WW in my last cycle for TTC until 2012... Needless to say, I am a little anxious! I am taking a "what will be, will be!" attitude, but boy I am hoping for a BF(hopefully sticky this time!)P!!! I think this will personally be the longest 2WW ever! I am not stressing though (seriously, I am oddly calm at this point, check back in a few days!).... But DH is off at work tonight, homework is done, daughter in bed, dishes done, dog walked, and I am a little restless tonight... So I found this website and thought I would share it with you all! It was a little odd, and I didn't feel her suggestions were very good, BUT I enjoyed her humor! It's a two week wait list that she has compiled of things to do while waiting to test. So check it out if you are looking for a little humor tonight! To satisfy those who will say "This is NOT a question!!" I know. So here is my question!! :) Are you in the 2WW?? How many DPO? At what point will you test? I hope we all get positives this month! Good luck and sticky babydust! HAHA!! I just realized I never posted the site!! *bangs head on desk!* Where was my mind? Oh yeah... Counting days and trying to see if MAYBE I O'ed earlier then I thought! Hahaha! Nope, not possible, LOL!
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Sorrel Sorrel | 6 days ago
Omg ur post cracked me up! LOL well I am barely going to start my 2ww on SATURDAY! I am going to OV on Friday (hopefully) So anxious I wish it was the 30th already! Good luck to u and all of us and to everyone lots of baby dust!
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Posy Posy
Silly me, I didn't keep track of my period last month, so I am either in the 2ww or the 3ww...I am fairly sure that I already ovulated, though, because I got some classic signs of ovulation for myself (cramps, sore, enlarged boobs, fatigue). I guess I will test at the end of the first week of November if AF hasn't arrived by then. That should give me plenty of time. Good luck to all!
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Maurene Maurene
I'm just starting mine. We aren't really trying, but it wouldn't be the end of the world either. So today is literally the first day of my 2WW, day of ovulation. I'm going to give it to 13 or 14 DPO before I test, assuming my period hasn't arrived by that point.
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Latoya Latoya
properly, optimistically i will start up my 2ww interior of right here couple of days... yet maximum females are diverse and journey a lot of diverse warning signs, if any... i'd say, in case you have been to be pregnant, it would be so early interior the being pregnant, you would be able to journey being drained some, and maybe some easy tummy themes... yet thats probable it... stable success, a lot of infant dirt TO YOU AND let us know the end result!!!!<3<3<3
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Jessye Jessye
Im goin to test on the 18th, but im so see a BFN..i`ve seen a BFN 4 days ago I know it was to early..i just can`t stop don`t have any HPT at home...and i think it somehow is good.....sometimes i really feel like a baby scared to look under their bed!!! thats how i feel to look the result on a HPT!!!! Baby dust to you!!!! and all of us!!!!
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