AP World History Exam tips?

AP World History Exam tips? Topic: AP World History Exam tips?
June 26, 2019 / By Adonijah
Question: I have my AP World History Exam in two days and I've studied a lot, but I'm really worried about those 3 essays we have to write, especially the CCOT. I just want to get a 3, I don't need a 5, I just want to pass! So I'm wondering approximately how many essay points do I need to get on each essay to pass. If you have any more tips at all, they'll be appreciated. Thank you :)
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Storm Storm | 1 day ago
Study for the AP WORLD EXAM ON www.bubbabrain.com How to use bubbabrain • Select a grade level on the left hand menu, and click on it. • Select the subject, and click on the subject drop-down arrow. • Select a word set from the drop-down menu and click submit at the bottom of the page. • The top left box will say “find this” and a definition will be listed below. Click on the term that matches the definition. A new definition will appear, and you must find the new definition. • Continue until you have cleared the rest of the board. Show your friends…they will dig it
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Storm Originally Answered: Do you think you'll do well on the AP World History exam?
Ahh I really don't know how well I will do. Im definitely not cramming, but I am studying right now. It's 7:33 here, I will probably sudy until like 9:00. I am striving for a 5. I'm worried I won't know anything on the essays, I can write good essays. Throughout the year I scored an 8 pretty much every time when we practiced on the three essays, but Im scared I won't know the facts. As for breakfast, my teachers have told me to eat some sort of protein, and carbohydrates, and nothing sugary. NO ENERGY DRINKS! you will crash during the essays. Oh and blueberries and orange juice help you think, so Im gonna drink orange juice tomorrow morning. Eggs, toast, and orange juice Good Luck.
Storm Originally Answered: Do you think you'll do well on the AP World History exam?
praying for a 3 hahah I have a C in the class both semesters so obviously history's not my thiiiing, but our teacher's tests are way harder than the AP so I'm crossing my fingers im just going over practice tests in my lil handy dandy 5 steps to a 5 AP review book going to bed at 10 30 gtting up at 6 breakfast feast is provided :)

Quinta Quinta
Don't try to just read the review book and cram it all into your brain. That is ultra boring :) What I did is I went through each chapter of the review and decided if I was comfortable with the information. If I was, I skipped it. If not, I put a post it note on that chapter. When I finished doing that, I would break up studying into like two hour chunks and I would go through and do the little practice exams and study the sections that I didn't know. I really liked the Princeton Review because it's super succinct and there are mini-tests at the end of each section. Try to get through your review in about a week, and then spend the week leading up to the test taking as many practice exams as you can. Also, try to recruit someone and have them quiz you. Have them ask you general questions so you can summarize a topic and they can check it in the review book to see if you've got it. I hope this helps!
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Melantha Melantha
well it depends on the whole other parts of the exam also. it'd be difficult to determine what you want to know without knowing the rest of the percentages.
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Melantha Originally Answered: AP World history exam question. Help a bro out? 10 pts.?
My AP world teacher broke the essay questions down into a few categories. I think there is always a DBQ, or a Document Based Question, where they give you about 8-10 sources, such as charts about population, maps, written accounts. I think it's worth slightly more than the two essays. When you read the prompt, immediately write down your thoughts before looking at the documents. Then read through them, and find the ones that support your ideas. I think there is a minimum requirement of how many documents you use, and that's the first thing they count, so cite whever possible. Like if the map Document A shows the extent of the Roman empire before it splits into two, say something like, "Before the split of the Roman Empire, the empire stretched from the Iberian Penninsula to Turkey (Document A)". Pay attention to the authors and dates of each document. You can even cite some in the intro paragraph. Then there are Compare and Contrast questions, typically where they ask you to compare two civilizations [an easy one would be the Roman and Han Empire, because they existed around the same time, collapsed due to internal pressures, etc.]. And then there are Change over Time questions, that ask you how a civilization...changed over time. My history teacher told us, when in doubt, to remember PIRATES: Political, Intellectual, [something], Artistic, Technological, Economic, and Social, for the three body paragraphs. Some of these topics are more difficult to remember than others, but the three usually fail proof ones are Political [government structures, land gain], Economic [maybe their monetary system, especially if one is communist and another is socialist or capitalist] and Social [Fedualism, which I guess could also be a politcal system, or the caste system] If you're writing a 5 paragraph essay, in the intro [let's say it's the Han vs Roman empire, Compare and contrast prompt, I'm going to fudge some facts because I don't remember everything] Your thesis could be something like: Politcally, the Han and Roman empires experienced dictatorships. Economically, the Han Empire was unified by a standard coin system, while the Roman Empire experienced a myriad of coinage. Socially, the Han system was static while the Roman system was dynamic. And then in the body paragraphs elaborate on that basic thesis. It's not beautiful, flowery language, and it's structured, but the AP readers grade on a strict rubric, of whether you Address the Prompt [uber-important] so if you do something like this, write coherently, citing 2-3 specific examples in each body paragraph, and do okay on the multiple choice, you should get a 5. It's been two years since I've taken it but you can always look at past essay questions on collegeboard.com and under AP tests. Look around and you should find it. Actually: http://www.collegeboard.com/student/test... Scroll down, and you can see questions, some sample essays, and perhaps discussion? Try to practice with at least one set of essays, don't panic, and you should be fine. Best of luck.

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