Are the Violent Acts of God Justified?

Are the Violent Acts of God Justified? Topic: Are the Violent Acts of God Justified?
June 19, 2019 / By Tiara
Question: If so, why? If not, tell me why not using points other than this one: If God is omnipotent, as he claims, he should have created a species that would have followed all of his rules unconditionally. Because he did not create a species that followed him and created a sinful species, he is in fact behind all of the evil that is in this world. God is actually the very essence of what he tries to condemn ^I have that one in my paper but I am looking for other reasons the acts are NOT justified. research paper I will not tell you my own opinion =] geeze, stop trying to convert me. Im a christian.
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Rosie Rosie | 2 days ago
i think god designed us with free will because he gets a kick out of watching us. you got to admit we are amusing (just read thru the r&s q&a sometime). and he didnt want mindless puppets. he wanted humans in all their ugly teeming glory. he wanted a people who would come to him because they wanted to and not because they had to.
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Myrtle Myrtle
No. But you're setting yourself up for the "free will" people and that "God doesn't kill people, people do" people. Told you
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Lorelle Lorelle
Satan is behind all the evil. He doesn't force anyone to love Him. You have your own choices in life, choose wisely.
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Kat Kat
NO THAT WOULD BE ROBOTS NOT PEOPLE....HE DOESNT DO WHAT YOU THINK...He is perfect...they were told ONE RULE ONLY IN PARADISE and still blew it!!!
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Hazel Hazel
Please understand that lots of the Bible is reporting, no longer prescribing. David, for example, did multiple issues that are previous unacceptable. (The e book says he grow to be "a guy After God's own coronary heart," unlike God's coronary heart!) So, now which you have have been given separated the human flaws (David and the saws - Yuk!) from God's prescriptions (stone the guy choosing up sticks on the Sabbath), please seem at 2 issues: a million) the context on the 2d in question ( treason foreseeably lifethreatening to something of the gang, for example) and 2) what grow to be standard for the encompassing countries at that component (human sacrifice, for example) in my view, each and each time I see public broadcasting comments on archeological information from those historic situations, i'm extra grateful than ever for the Judeo-Christian ethic! in certainty, as quickly as I see on the information what human beings think of Allah needs them to be doing now, or maybe the Hindo gods (burnings, beheadings), i'm grateful back to have been born in a land the place a minimum of i've got heard there's a call.
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