Are you good in writing essays ? plz help?

Are you good in writing essays ? plz help? Topic: Are you good in writing essays ? plz help?
July 16, 2019 / By Gabby
Question: Plz help me to write an essay in one of the two following topics How to gain / lose weight OR how to quite drinking / smoking the essay have to be 5 paragraphs introduction paragraph , 3 body paragraphs, and one conclusion paragraph
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Best Answers: Are you good in writing essays ? plz help?

Den Den | 2 days ago
Tell me which topic you want and I'll try to help you. Just e-mail me, tell me exactly what you want, and... We'll see!
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Beau Beau
well if it's a personal account then it really makes so much sense for someone like me (a total stranger) to write the essay... choose the topic that means most to you. or that the one which gives you the most ideas of examples in your life. can you think of a time you've been courageous? embarassed? sad? use these as building blocks and come up with 3-4 mains points about what that topic means... look up some history, give an example from personal experience, do they relate? oh... i should mention. Start earlier than the day before it's due by the way, those are silly essay questions...
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Zipporah Zipporah
How can people stop smoking and drinking? Is it cool? Is it healthy? Lot of teenager thinks that smoking is fun but in reality it is really harmful. It causes health problem, relationship problem and perhaps even death earlier in your life. People need to hate them and really make it illegal so that tobacco company will not make enough money. How can people stop doing it? Here are some key points. 1. Set a quit date.- Really quit, dont quit temporary. 2. Throw them out- Don't buy them the next time. It will cost money 3. Don't fall into temptation- stop thinking about it and chew candy instead 4. Ask God for help- He will help you to quit
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Sherilyn Sherilyn
all you have to do is go on google and type one of those in and find out the facts about that stuff and then gather up all of your information together and you'll be ready.. Dont cheat your self honey you'll never be ready for the real world!
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before taking the test consintrate on your breathing count how many breaths you take in and when exhaleing let two more breaths out it always helps me

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