Asian (Hong Kong) man with Australian Accent wants to teach in Japan.?

Asian (Hong Kong) man with Australian Accent wants to teach in Japan.? Topic: Asian (Hong Kong) man with Australian Accent wants to teach in Japan.?
June 27, 2019 / By Arleen
Question: Hi, I went to Fukuoka, Japan, and loved the culture for its politeness, courtesy, and I generally love training and helping people, especially if they appreciate it. I have worked 5 years in an office job i did not really love. I have heard that schools may not like to have Asian ESL teacher. Does anybody know if the mere physical appearance distracts school managers/principals to hire me compared to a (I have to say white people). Or is it a (I guess more appropriate) skills and accent comparison; in which case, I don't think I have a problem of. In summary: 25 out of my 29 years in Australia, and with a dual Hong Kong and Australian Citizenship. I guess I even act like an Australian by being too honest for my own good sometimes. 4 years of tertiary degree and the intention to study TESOL. I guess at the end of the day, my question is "What level of stereotyping exists in Japan?" With such a polite, and courteous culture I find it not natural for Japanese people to stereotype too much...and hopefully over time, this can only improve. No doubt, I will still aspire to be a teacher there. :) Melbourne, Australia is a great place. say a couple of slang like 'mate' and it all be ok, fingers crossed! who wants some bush tucker tonight? DOMO ARIGATO THANKS MATES I have been talking to many people. And the stereotyping frustrates many asians (not just me). I am willing to change my appearance- eye contacts- dying hair- glasses. I guess when you need to take the initiative, you need to do whatever it takes. Hi i-to-TEFOL, Thanks for the encouragement. I heard from other forums issues such as this improve year after year from japanese sources. This is a relief. I'll dye my hair and try to look half-asian, lol...I'll add in as many things Australian as I can, and ask them about whether they hold this (stereotype) as an issue. haha, will do, thanks for the advice. "At the end of the day, mate, I don't think hiring a white man or woman just because they are white, would add more value to the teaching service in this school than I do." <-I might have to say something like this! :) We can have some VB Beer to celebrate! (alot). Australian references and slange I mean. 'slang' sorry mis-spelt.
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Zebulon Zebulon | 1 day ago
Hi Pat, I salute your ambition! Sadly, there is a degree of truth in the idea that a lot of Japanese schools only want western looking teachers to teach conversational English. However, as with everything, I think this has been massively overstated. The bottom line is that schools just want people who are going to do a good job - and it sounds like you would - you've got a degree, will have a TEFL certificate and you're a fluent English speaker. You also have the advantage of an Australian passport, which will stand you in good stead when it comes to visas. My advice would be to chat to approach a few employers to see what their thoughts are about hiring a non-white teacher - you'll probably be pleasantly surprised, and if all else fails, just suggest chucking another shrimp on the barbie, eh? (sorry... couldn't resist) Good luck!
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Ollie Ollie
I used to teach and several friends went and taught in japan so there are opportunities Agencies recruit people like you and you should suss them out mate Best of Aussie luck to you
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