At what age (girls) did you become aware of "yourself"?

At what age (girls) did you become aware of "yourself"? Topic: At what age (girls) did you become aware of "yourself"?
June 24, 2019 / By Aleesha
Question: I have a thirteen year old daughter and she has migrated to her room for long periods of time. I know boys find "themselves" and experiment at around that age (because I was one of them), but I just am not sure if it is the same with girls? Are most girls like this?
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Troy Troy | 3 days ago
SHe is likely not doing what you think she is doing. And 13 is a little old to be finding "herself". She likely found herself a long time ago. Most girls do not react the same as boys do in discovering this. She most likely just wants to be alone or wants to read or do homework or something.
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Reubhen Reubhen
does it really matter? xD if she is well.. it's not harming anybody. If you can remember when you were her age, the last thing you want is your paren't thinking that. just assume that she is and let her..? and no offense but she sounds cute lmfao.
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Melbourne Melbourne
some are.. but she is prolly just thinking.. most girls don't masturbate.. they can control their urges. :D haha.. well I'm sure that you don't have to worry.. its natural
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Jojo Jojo
she is a teenager, she just wants her own space and doesnt want to be hanging round with uncool dads!
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Hadley Hadley
Do you mean, "Has my daughter started masterbating?" I don't know if that's something either of you want you to know. Maybe she's doing homework. Maybe she's talking to her friends. Maybe she's listening to music. Don't worry about it.
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