Atheists: Albania in the 1960's was your big chance at running an entire country on your own. What went wrong?

Atheists: Albania in the 1960's was your big chance at running an entire country on your own. What went wrong? Topic: Atheists: Albania in the 1960's was your big chance at running an entire country on your own. What went wrong?
June 19, 2019 / By Abbott
Question: Yes, Albania in the 1950's and 1960's was OFFICIALLY atheist -- and bragged about it. You had your big chance to show everyone once and for all how the theists were terrible at running societies -- but with Albania you could demonstrate what a GREAT JOB a bunch of atheists could do if only given their big break. Your very own country without those pesky theists getting in the way all of the time! (Yes, you made SURE those irritating Christians didn't mess up a good thing, by throwing them in jail and killing the worst of them as often as possible. [Funny wordplay, right? Get it? Killing them as often as possible? Think about it. You'll chuckle tomorrow when it sinks in. Sure you will.]) SO WHAT WENT WRONG WITH ATHEIST ALBANIA? Of course, I've learned from you that "we modern-day theists" are responsible for everything bad that ever happened in the history of the world: the Crusades, and Galileo, and all of history's wars (especially that annoying Nazi Adolf Hitler) and even Aunt Bertha's nagging bunions and sciatica cuz we didn't pass health care soon enough. (Did I leave anything out?) So are the atheists FINALLY willing to take credit for the UTOPIA CALLED COMMUNIST ALBANIA? [I mean, come on! Let's be fair now. Let's give credit where credit is due.] [Hey, I really hate to rub it in -- but you guys sure did blow it big time in the case of Albania! Better luck next time, if you can ever talk anybody into giving ya another chance at running a country, LOL. Or will you report this atrocious affront of a REASONABLE QUESTION so that an uncomfortable reminder of reality isn't viewable for very long by the budding young atheists here who never learned about Albania in school -- and you weren't planning on telling them?] =================================== Is isn't it logical: If theists are blamed for everything that atheists don't like in all of human history, shouldn't atheists be blamed for everything that theists don't like in Albania's history? [After all, what's good for the goose is good for .........the other goose.] . OK, I get it: Double-standard! ======================== Sorry to disappoint but my D.Phil was from Oxford University. (Oh, yeah, I should explain. That's a very old educational institutional in the UK.) And my undergrad tuition was paid under the name of a famous Mr. Rhodes. (You Yanks probably don't know about Mr. Rhodes and his relationship to education. Look him up.) (Reminding atheists about Albania is like taking a nuisance "dud" stink-bomb -- that they keep throwing at theists -- and throwing it back at them so they can smell their own bad logic. And it is funny how many can't figure out that a D.Phil. is like a U.S. PhD in that it doesn't mean that one has ONLY studied philosophy.) Funny how religious freedom has suddenly become a wonderful gift that atheists crafted and won at great sacrifice on theists behalf! What would we do without them? (OK, Rhode Island can be counted. Good for them.)
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Best Answers: Atheists: Albania in the 1960's was your big chance at running an entire country on your own. What went wrong?

Shirley Shirley | 6 days ago
No, that was the Albanians big chance at running an entire country on their own. Atheism has nothing to do with it.
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As a British Atheist I actually LOVE religious symbolism here in Britain....but I do not connect the religious elements of it to anything other than mans' fantastic ability to shape his own landscape ingeniously.. I refer of course to the the 1000 year old churches, cathedrals, palaces and castles that are all steeped in amazing artworks, architechure, history, pomp and grandeur that humbles me from a purely philosophical, intellectual (and artistic) point of view...I love them all, and regularly go on trips to study them around the country....Stonehenge, The Great pyramids of Egypt...again massive symbolism but more importantly, great historic structures...that is more important to me.. I genuinely do not give a crap about the reasons behind it all and don't believe anything myself...but I love the feeling of standing in the midst of such history, mystery and beauty...I love it...and it is nothing to do with the religious pilgramage thing that others go there for! God Save The Queen...Couldn't give a crap, Jerusalem (by Blake) is more of a British anthem anyway, and that is just as steeped in mythical religious shiznit. Archbishop of Cantebury presiding over things, fills me once again with the sense of history, I know this has been the case since Henry the VIII and the great scism between the Church of England and the Catholic Popes and I like that idea of preservation of culture...somethings stay the same as ceremonial testimony to history rather than any great religious thing... I think I take a bit of a different view of things that atheists do usually...but that is MY personal atheism and it works for me!!

Petula Petula
Ahh, another seemingly intelligent attempt to condemn atheists. Like all the rest, you completely overlooked that atheists do not identify with a unifying belief system, and that many of us actually, in contrast with then-common policies, promote capitalistic tendencies, not communism. The downfalls of Albania were not caused by some sort of atheistic belief or agenda, but by inefficient and anti-intellectual campaigns. So sorry to point out the flaws in your thinking, I bet you thought you were onto something. They all did. Edit: Yes, it most certainly would be a double standard, except that we do not claim that theists are the problem with everything. We only claim that they and their beliefs were the problems of what they were the problems of, such as the Crusades, the Inquisition, 9-11, the Salem Witch Trials, the divinity of monarchs (who were replaced by a more-holy monarch killing them), Blue Laws in colonial times, promotion of slavery, modern suicide bombings, persecution of scientific minds hundreds of years ago, the propagation of the Dark Ages, etc. Edit: Oooh, Oxford, what did they teach you, finger painting? It sure doesn't seem like they taught you how to logically debate using, you know, accurate observations, straight representations of positions, ungeneralized conclusions, related matrices of individuals (i.e. I'm not Albanian, nor was I alive in the '50s and '60s), etc.
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Marley Marley
A state totally controlled by another state USSR and being actively destabilized by America by covert and overt harassment is hardly a fair trial. Every time any socialist government comes to power and looks like being successful US foreign policy and the CIA etc desperately work to overthrow the government or destabilize it so it collapses. From economic or political pressure. It would be nice if America and Americans were not so totally paranoid about political systems other than capitalist democracies.
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Kyrsten Kyrsten
Um, atheism isn't a basis for government, asshat. Edit - What you DON'T get is that the vast majority of atheists on this board would fight to protect your right to freedom of religion, even as you rail against them. Edit again - So Oxford University, one of the absolute finest institutions of higher learning the world has ever seen, managed to give you a Doctorate degree in PHILOSOPHY, without teaching you a f*cking thing about strawman arguments? Yeah, pardon me if I call bullsh*t.
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Jemma Jemma
You are really delving in issues that are clearly way above your head. Atheism is not communism. Is it actually possible for a religious person to say something relating to religion that isn't: 1) a lie 2) just made up 3) something that an 8 year old could figure out?
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The 60's were full of "cool" things and some "uncool" things. Hippies. Make love not war . Drugs. Free love. The greatest decade of music ever. The Beatles. The Vietnam War. Draft dodgers. The shooting of President Kennedy. Landing on the moon. Tons of things. Google it.

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