Baby turtle question. Do they need a UV light at such a young age?

Baby turtle question. Do they need a UV light at such a young age? Topic: Baby turtle question. Do they need a UV light at such a young age?
June 18, 2019 / By Abbigayle
Question: I've read that baby turtles spend their first 3 years in cover and not out in open sunlight since they are so small. Is this true? Because I really want a baby turtle but I'm not sure I can have a UV light in my college dorm room. I don't share the room with anybody but I'm not sure if I can have the light in there. Also, how long does it take for a turtle to reach mature size? I've always wanted a turtle :3 I've done alot of research already and I have everything I need. So it's not like I don't know how to take care of it, I am strongly against getting a pet before doing any kind of homework on it. Of course when I move out of my dorm and graduate I'll get a UV light for it, but I am just wondering if the baby will need it for the first few years.
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Stanford Stanford | 4 days ago
Turtles need uv light their whole life. Without it they can get metabolic bone disease and have numerous problems as an adult. Turtles and reptiles that needUV light use it to help process calcium. They need 10-14 hours a day of uv exposer so the 30 minutes the other person recommended is not enough. Also most turtles need heat which most UV lights don't give near enough. You will need a Basking light as well. Depending on where you live you will be getting a several year old turtle. It is illegal to sell turtles that shell is smaller then 4 inches in the US.
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Owen Owen
And just to be different... Honestly it depends on what sort of turtle your wanting, and how old it is.. and what you feed it and how its kept. Also there is no restrictions for having UV blub's in college dorms, most bulbs emit no UV beyond 24 inches anyway. the point of the bulb is to stimulate D3 production. you can do it several ways other then a bulb. Direct sunshine 20 mins 2-3times a week.. Supplements, and feeding foods rich in D already such as earth worms..
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Levi Levi
They need it throughout their life or they can get metabolic bone disease and a soft shell. But a substitute for a UVB light would be putting it in the sun(with water) for 30 minutes a day. Make sure there is shade. You most definately need a basking lamp. They cannot survive without it. They need to heat or they get respiratory infections. Reptiles are cold blooded and without heat will be very sluggish and not have enough energy to eat. Plus, the need to regulate their temperature every day.
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