Babysitting ideas for summer?

Babysitting ideas for summer? Topic: Babysitting ideas for summer?
June 27, 2019 / By Augusta
Question: I will be babysitting two little girls between the ages of 8 and 11 for two weeks (Business days only) 9:15 A.M - 4:30 P.M. They will be allowed to use their pool while I am babysitting during the day because I am CPR certified and have completed all of my swimming classes therefor making myself an extremely strong swimmer. I know the pool will keep them busy for most of the day but I would like to do some extracurricular activities with them ( approved by their mother first). I know keeping them busy probably will not be hard if I have planned activities, and a lenient schedule. I have babysit-ted for them before an their mother and the girls love having me babysit. I would like to have the girls read an appropriate book for both of their ages seeing as though school will be starting in a month. I was hoping someone could help suggest some fun activities and a thin chapter book for us to read together. P.S I will be going into 8th grade and need to continue working on my book reports and other summer assignments so I was hoping for some activities where I wouldn't have to watch the girls as strictly as if they where in the pool. I am 13 if anyone was wondering and wouldn't mind spending a little bit of money for these crafts. Any other comments, questions, concerns or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Abbigael Abbigael | 10 days ago
there are always things to use for crafts around the house paper towel rolls, toilet rolls, macaroni, rice etc. You can also get into making things with paper mache. So you don't have to spend a lot of your money to entertain the kids. If you want , work on teaching them letters or numbers if they are old enough but make it fun like a game good-luck
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Abbigael Originally Answered: How do I get out of babysitting?
First off, $5 for an hour is way too little. I babysit for an autistic child and I get $10 an hour...if for whatever reason you do stay with this babysitting job, I would ask for a raise. Autistic children can be very hard to babysit and especially when you're 13! If you already have a job and don't need the money, tell the mother that you have other commitments right now and you really don't have the time to babysit on a set schedule.
Abbigael Originally Answered: How do I get out of babysitting?
For the best answers, search on this site Mac and Cheese was at the top of my list Hot dogs Corn dogs French fries Fish sticks Tator tots Pizza Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich Peanut Butter and Jelly on crackers - let the kids make them all and put them on a plate - they will enjoy making them Grilled Cheese Canned Soup - chicken noodle or tomato Canned Pastas (ravioli, etc) Hot Pockets

Stafford Stafford
If I were you I'd check the library for a couple books for the girls to read. You can ask one of the librarians about an appropriate title for their ages and reading abilities. Generally speaking, they're such helpful people and love helping someone who's working on reading! You'll save some money and you can learn other things the library might be offering for the end of summer. Lots of libraries have story hours for kids that are younger, so the 8 year old could enjoy that while you teach the older girl how to navigate the library's system. I know you're too young to drive them to the library but maybe the three of you could walk there one or two afternoons (or mornings) a week. While the older girl is doing her thing and the younger is listening to stories you can find a quiet corner and do your reports, etc. It's great fun to work in the library, quiet and cool with no one that'll bug you. Even if you need to spread out on one of their tables no one will mind. If the girls haven't had much exposure to the public library before you'll be offering them a great deal of future fun!
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Otis Otis
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Otis Originally Answered: Babysitting?
You can play with the kid for a while, it won't be THAT bad. You could bring your cell phone over and a few books and magazines to read. Also you can get a start on your homework. Have fun-or at least try! =)

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