Be serious please.if you dont have 10 minutes to explain answer might not wanna read.?

Be serious please.if you dont have 10 minutes to explain answer might not wanna read.? Topic: Be serious please.if you dont have 10 minutes to explain answer might not wanna read.?
June 18, 2019 / By Alycia
Question: In Genesis Everyone should know the flood came and destroyed everything except Noah and His family.You also should know that all the races were destroyed to except Noahs family which people think was white.Now the flood was after the curse so it couldnt be from the curse.But in later books of the bible you read about different races like African American( no offense plz) and I Dont understand how.Since the flooad was supposed to destroy everyone except Noahs family who people say were white. Please help. How do you think the other races came back? Detailed help. Its not my homework So Please dont leave rude answers like do your own homework. Its a complicated question is why i said 10 minutes...Sorry....If you dont have time dont answer...If you know any scriptures on this send em to me 2.... Okay Noah could have been brown but that doesnt mean he was black.
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Best Answers: Be serious please.if you dont have 10 minutes to explain answer might not wanna read.?

Verne Verne | 4 days ago
Actually before the flood there were no races. Noah's grandson Cush, the oldest son of Ham was the first black man. As a matter of fact, Cush means black. His descendants migrated to the area that we now know as Ethiopia. In Genesis 11 we read about how God confounded the languages at Babel. From this point different cultures would form among those who spoke similar languages.
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Rorie Rorie
So like who said Noah was white? He was Hebrew right? A Palestinian Hebrew would not be white, he would be more like an Arab. Someone told me just this last year that according to DNA (genes) we all relate back to a black woman wayyy back when... I don't think I can believe that anymore than I can believe Noah was white.
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Montague Montague
this is just from my own research so dont quote me.... i dont think african americans were in the bible b/c the americas did not exist... however most of the bible took place in northen africa and most of the middle east even Jesus was described as having "olive skin"... the different races came after the flood with the effects of babel...this was after noahs family procreated(him and his wife...his 3sons and there wives...God gave different languages to the different groups and the scattered across the land.... skin color only is an effect of the climate in the area one lives the closer to the equator the darker people were(due to the pigment blocking harmful sun rays.....)of course with all the races now mixing we have all types of skin colors...the europeans are lighter simply because were they originated.
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Kassidy Kassidy
Perhaps Genesis is more metaphorical than literal, at least in this story. I'd say spread of population leading to natural selection of the skin tones best suited to each area, but that would hardly work in what, 6k years? Eh. I don't believe in the Christian Bible, though, and its the holes like this that it leaves us with that really make me further doubt its credibility.
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Haywood Haywood
Assuming that this is true and the flood *did* occur, the only logical thing to say is that they were of mixed races--both of them. You have to use Mendelian Genetics here (oh no! Not the "science" word!! Cover your ears!). However, this does not explain the Asian, Hispanic, Slavic, European, African, etc. race. It explains white people and middle easterners (they were Jewish, I think...well, they were from the mid. east at least). The flood and the various types of races simply do not work. Nor could Noah gather up *every* type of animal in a matter of days while SIMULTANEOUSLY building this great arc! Even if he did just grab two lions, two tigers, and two bears (of the same type), how do you explain Siberian and White Tigers without the use of Evolution or Natural Selection? If the flood wiped out ALL TIGERS except for the Siberian Tiger (let's say), then how did the White tiger come about? How about all those other variations of tiger? It simply does not work out when you think about it. Blind faith is easy so long as you don't try to work it out logically and with reason.
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Haywood Originally Answered: Can you help me with Grade 11 Trig Proofs? (Help explain- Best answer 10 points)?
1) (sinx+cosx)^2 = 1+2sinxcosx Start with left sin^2x + 2sinxcosx + cos^2x since sin^2x + cos^2x = 1 2sinxcosx+1 Hence proved 2) 2sin^2-1 = sin^2 - cos^2 start with left side 2sin^2-1 sin^2+sin^2-1 (sin^2-1 = -cos^2x) sin^2 - cos^2 = RHS. Hence proved 3) sec^2 + csc^2 = sec^2 x csc^2 lets start with LHS. write it in terms of cos and sin (1/sin)^2 + (1/cos)^2 cos^2/sin^2 + sin^2/cos^2 adding them we get 1/sin^2cos^2 now seperate them 1/sin^2 * 1/cos^2 sec^2 * csc ^2 == sec^2x * csc^2x 4) tanx = tan^2x * cotx I can start from the left side too here if i want. But it gets a bit complicated. For simplicity lets to write side tan^2 x cot x tan^2x * 1/ tan tanx since rhs = lhs proved key things to solving trig equation This is what i do usually. When i look at the problem i first plug in numbers for x and see if the equation actually works. Because sometimes you cannot prove the identity at all. Now if it works heres my thought process i check the left side and the right side. Immediatly trig identities should be popping through your head. the one that i remember the most is sin^2x + cos^2x = 1 and to find sin^2 i just 1-cos^2 and to find cos^2 i just 1-sin^2. This should be like memorized thoroughly in your brain. Second thing is i look at how can i get this to equal this. I know this is vague but let me give you an example we know sin/cos = tan right? so if theres an equation like this sin/cos * cos/sin = tan* cot. immediatly i look at the left side and i see oh i can put tan for sin/cos and then the reciprocal is cos / sin which is cot. Oh thats easy. And then i start solving. You should make connections constantly which what your trying to prove. Sometimes you might need to multiply to get an other one ill give u an eg sin^2x / cos^2x = 1-cos^4/ 1-cos^3 so i think let me start with lhs. sin^2x = 1-cos^2 x so i write 1-cos^2x/ cos ^2 x = 1-cos^4/ (1-cos^3) now i must think how can i get that? well i need to multiply write. By 1-cos^2x to both side so multiplying i get 1-cos^2x(1-cos^2x) / cos^2x (1-cos^2x) = 1-cos^4x / 1-cos^3x See like these things will come in practice. I know this is like an advice u hear so often. but really for trig identities u need practice. You need to memorize them too. In math most and i mean most of the topics at highschool level do not need practice. That is because math is mostly theory based. Even if you don't practice your homework for algebra, functions etc its ok. Because these are facts. And we are absorbing the information because we see the logic behind it. But for trig identities u need to memorize. Some of these you can graph it. Do you see the logic why sec^2 + csc^2 = sec^2 x csc^2 is true? Ofcourse not. All i see is a bunch of words and equation. but do you see the logic here x+1 = 4 so x = 3 because 3+1 = 4. you see what i mean. U never really understand trig identities . U just practice and do it. Later on when your in grade 12 u might see how it works because of graphs. But for higher degrees it still doesn't make sense. So in summary practice a lot of it. If you do it comes automatically the next time you see it. I live in canada, and i was in grade 11 1 year back. So i know how hard it is at first when you see a bunch of equations and formulas. I was in the same boat so i know what you mean exactly. But if you practice you will get trig identities. Its either you get it or not. And since your just learning about it i suggest you work hard and get it. ANyways peace!

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