being a teenage parent?

being a teenage parent? Topic: being a teenage parent?
June 19, 2019 / By Vivian
Question: i want to write essay about been a teenage parent could you write me a best introduction and conclusion please
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Shanna Shanna | 4 days ago
All teen moms are NOT sluts. I was a teen mom and I have only been intimate with my baby's father who is now my husband. I know MANY women that have NEVER been pregnant that are sluts, including hypocrits like Barbie.
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You are overlooking a third option, and that is to wait for a guy that you like AND he loves and RESPECTS YOU. Out of the other two choices, I would say that Trevor is the worst option. I don't care how much you THINK you love him, no guy is worth the trouble if he doesn't treat you right. At your age dating should only have one major requirement and that is it must be FUN. If there's more drama than fun, then show some respect for yourself and move on to the next guy. Now JC is probably a good choice for you at this time, but the most important thing for you to do in his case is be honest with him if your feelings for him aren't all that strong. So if you date him just make sure that he knows you are in it just to have a fun date, and that you aren't trying to turn it into a big deal. As a teenager, you owe it to yourself to gain experience in relationships and dating, by not taking things so seriously. I see so many young people on this forum acting like their first chance at love is their ONLY chance EVER! But at your age nothing could be further from the truth. You will get as many chances at love as you give yourself, and the way to do that is to not go at it so seriously. So have fun, and don't worry if you mess up from time to time. That's how you will learn. Only let's make the first lesson about self-respect so for your homework, give yourself the asignment to dump Trevor, and from that you will learn that guys like him aren't worth your time.

Oralee Oralee
You are the conversation at every lunch table in the high school, at home, and in class. Then it hits you, this is for real there is no turning back no matter what happens from here out your stuck... that baby inside you will come out and screem everynight for the next year. It will want you and you will love it, even thought it wasn't a planned pregnancy. Most likely it will be hard but it will be worth it in the long run you tell your self; right? Thats what everyone is telling you. then go into what every you think of next maybe the 9 months is up and its harder then you expecte or something. SOme statstics and a cute picture of a baby... The waking up, changing the baby and listening it scream for hours isn't what most teen moms had in plan for there high school years. THey had planned to party and complain about teachers like every other teen but instead they got pregnant and enjoyed what most teens would say is annoying. And in the long run it is all worth it and those people that told you that are right! thats as good as it gets for me! Add some of your stuff in there...idk if you use it if you do that..... Good luck!
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Maidie Maidie
I also was a teen pregnancy, I got pregnant at 15. I would be sure to include the real struggles and trials a teen parent goes through. It's not glorious and there are many young girls out there who think a baby will make them happy. It's a shame because someone shouldn't look to baby as something to fill their needs but more how they can fulfill the baby's needs. I am now married with 3 boys and I proudly kept my son and wouldn't change my decision for anything.
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Keziah Keziah
That would be plagiarism. Instead try starting with a fact like: According to, more than 750,000 teenage girls become pregnant each year. Of these 750,000, about 420,000 actually give birth and become mothers....
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Jaimie Jaimie
Talk about how being a s*** is bad and if you are a teen parent more than likely thats what you are. :D
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He met Tristan and I and got our approval. You wouldn't say, "He met I." You'd say, "He met me." So you should say "He met Tristan and me." We lived with my brother’s dad in a little house in Marietta for a little while. But, things did not work out between them and we moved back to Granny’s. You intend "them" to mean "my mother and Tristan's father." But those sentences, as they stand right now, don't offer a clear referent for the pronoun. Try rewording the sentences along these lines: We lived with my brother’s dad, Hank, in a little house in Marietta for a little while. But things did not work out between Mama and Hank, and we moved back to Granny’s. You might consider using just one term each for your mother and grandmother throughout the essay. Right now, you switch back and forth between "my grandma" and "Granny" for one of those women, and between "Mama" and "my mom" for the other. Maybe you have a good reason for that inconsistency, but you might want to consider making the change. In your opening sentence, your description of your hair and eyes is very precise, but your description of your cheeks is a bit vague. You don't just say that your hair was "pretty" or that your eyes were "bright," so maybe you should say something more specific than "cute" about your cheeks.

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