Best Laptop for College?

Best Laptop for College? Topic: Best Laptop for College?
July 16, 2019 / By Annitta
Question: Hi, I'm going to college this fall and am shopping around a laptop. I will be mainly using it for: - doing homework (Word, PowerPoint - everything in Microsoft Office) - email - uploading pictures/videos (so I definitely need a webcam) - maybe downloading music I want something that won't crash, is pretty portable, and has at least 4 hours of battery life. My price range cap is $2000. And I do not want a MacBook - I think they're confusing to use and I'd much rather stick with PC and Windows 7. I'm looking into Sony Vaio's right now, but don't know which one would be best for me. Any suggestions that you have would be great ( ; Thanks!
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Yancy Yancy | 7 days ago
Sony Vaio's are amazing!! i had last really long it had a webcam and was really easy to use mine was a 13 inch white vaio i think its a Cr series If not a sony vaio then get an HP laptop they are also really good laptops. I currently have a mac and it is not that confusing to use once you get the hang of it
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Yancy Originally Answered: I need help buying a new laptop for a college student?
Hello, For what you have said you only really need a large hard drive, all other tasks can all be done on any laptop. As for Vista I would use between 2GB and 4GB of RAM. The resolution will be fine, try a 250GB hard drive. Thanks, Ian

Shelley Shelley
Please do not spend more then $1000 on a laptop, especially for your intended usage. I would STRONGLY recommend Lenovo brand laptops. I own an Acer netbook, and I am a college sophmore, and it does everything you stated, with ease. I only spent $350 on it too, so thats a possibility. Brands that I STRONGLY urge you to not get is Dell or Sony. Your paying for a brand with Sony, and a complete piece of trash with Dell. Take it from me, I work at my college's IT department. I have seen it all.
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Noland Noland
HP Envy ... Looks like a Macbook but its windows. Very Sleek + can easily do everything you'll need.... you can customize your own model @ All computers Will crash, there's no guarantee w/ that... but Windows 7 does reduce the potential for crashing by a LOT ... My HP Laptop has yet to crash since I upgraded it to Win 7.
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Kurt Kurt
try this
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Kurt Originally Answered: What's a good laptop for a prospective college student?
I suggest waiting until you've decided which university to attend. Some will require a laptop, and recommend a specific brand. Many universities and colleges have made deals with companies so you can save a few hundred dollars on a particular brand and get cheap software (but that usually only applies to one operating system).

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