Best place to live in America :)?

Best place to live in America :)? Topic: Best place to live in America :)?
June 27, 2019 / By Alene
Question: I was born in America. I have lived in many cities. To name a few: Indianapolis, IN; Chicago, IL (Hanover Park, Carol Stream, Glendale Heights); Alabama (I know) LOL; Lafayette, LA; somewhere in South Dakota; Nashville, TN. These are the major areas I have lived in. I have also lived in India for 4 years. I was just wondering... what is the best area to live in America for Indians. I have been to NYC, but the real estate is too expensive for me. A normal house is around 700,000 dollars. I like cold weather more than hot and humid. Is there a good area, if any that suits my needs?? And I would like to move to an area that has enough Indians to have Indian restaurants and grocery available. Thanks in advance, Nevil :) I would also like to add that I like rain :) And I need somewhere where business is good because my dad owns businesses such as gas stations and hotels and plans on investing wherever we live. And how is the Houston, TX area to live?
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Trueman Trueman | 4 days ago
Check out what the weather typically is like! Compare the climate of Indianapolis, Chicago, Alabama, Lafayette, South Dakota, Nashville, etc. This site has excellent maps of climate. You can customize by month, location, and climate variable.
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Your thinking and question are reasonable. As to your choices of possible places, I would eliminate North and South Carolina......not because they are not great places to live-aboard, but the Coastal Marinas are miles from "night life" even a Walmart. And both along with Florida are Hurricane targets. In Florida, I'd go with Tampa bay area........and a bit farther North, say Chesapeake Bay. I live in the Canton - Fells Point part of Baltimore, and it has the social life you want. The South Florida keys are a long ways from everything. There's something to be said for the West Coast, if you can handle the idea of making a bold move. All those questions about job, affordable docking etc. will work themselves out. I've lived aboard in Washington, DC and it might be a good choice, except for the Ocean part. San Diego CA isn't "affordable"......but the sunsets........and CA lifestyle.......I wish you all the luck in fulfilling your plan.

Reuel Reuel
The Seattle area is full of Indians. Assuming you're a computer programmer like most Indians, there is still a lot of high-tech business in the area. (Just kidding, I'm just taking a dig at how prevalent Indians are in the industry!)
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Melech Melech
Hm, I was going to suggest California because it's a beautiful state and such. But since you mentioned the weather and price, I gotta change that! xD I'm from Virginia and Virginia is wonderful. We get all the seasons and it's very cheap to live here. But it can get very hot during the spring and summer, so perhaps up north somewhere? I've never really been up north myself, just across the southern states and California. But if you want somewhere cold, up north is surely the place to go. Hope this helps, hope to see you in VA! :)
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Joktan Joktan
You haven't stated what your needs are. If you only want cool weather and Indian food, go for any big city in the north.
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Hadwin Hadwin
1. YUMA, ARIZONA—number one on our list because average precipitation is 2.65 inches, 17 rainy days per year, and number one for sunshine with 90%. It is third among the least humid cities, with an average relative humidity of just 38%. The drawback–—summer temperatures average at least 100º F from June 4 to September 24, and 105ºF from June 22 to August 26. But, hey, it’s dry heat! 2. LAS VEGAS, NEVADA—comes in second to Yuma in terms of annual precipitation at 4.19 inches, least number of rainy days per year (26), and sunshine 85% of the time. 3. PHOENIX, ARIZONA—tied with Las Vegas for number two in terms of possible annual sunshine (85%). It also has the lowest relative humidity at 37% and rated fifth overall in terms of the least annual precipitation with 7.11 inches and eighth for the least number or rainy days (36). 4. EL PASO, TEXAS—boasts abundant sunshine, very low relative humidity, scanty rainfall and relatively mild winters. 5. RENO, NEVADA—abundant sunshine throughout the year. Here the daily range of temperatures often exceeds 45ºF. While afternoon temperatures may be above 90ºF, a light wrap is often needed after sunset. Rain occurs chiefly in the form of afternoon summer thunderstorms, but the humidity is very low during summer and moderately low during the winter. 6. ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO—has an arid climate with abundant sunshine, low humidity, scant precipitation, a and wide, yet tolerable, seasonal range of temperatures. 7. WINSLOW, ARIZONA—is the seventh least humid city (46%) and eighth driest with annual precipitation totaling only 7.64 inches. 8 & 9. BISHOP and BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA—both make it onto the list because they ranked respectively as the third and fourth driest cities overall. Bishop has 29 rainy days and Bakersfield has only 37 during the year. 10. SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA—during the spring and summer typically sees low marine clouds at night and early morning but they burn off as the day warms. The storm track from the Pacific usually lies well to the north keeping most of the clouds and precipitation out of the region. With the exception of the Santa Ana winds blowing during September and October, temperatures are quite comfortable. Or even Alaska ;D
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