best show on television theses days?

best show on television theses days? Topic: best show on television theses days?
June 24, 2019 / By Africah
Question: whats yalls favorite tv shows? lol i am 14 and i like tosh.0 but not that much. i am in fact watching the office right now, and i really don't like glee. Family guy is one of my faves.
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Thutmose Thutmose | 5 days ago
Action: Burn Notice Sophisticated Crime: White Collar Drama: Justified Supernatural Thriller: Supernatural Fantasy: Merlin Comedy: Tosh.0 Reality: N/A
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In MLA style, start with the title of the TV episode and a period in quotation marks. After a space, put the title of the program, underlined, and a period followed by a space. Then, depending on what's important, put information about the writers ("By"), director ("Dir."), performers ("Perf."), or host ("Host"), each followed by a period and a space. Then put the network, a period and a space. Follow with the local station, a comma and the city from which the station broadcasts. After a period and a space, put the date the program was broadcast in date month year format. End with a period: "My Jerks." Scrubs (underlined). ABC. WSB, Atlanta. 6 Jan. 2009.
Thutmose Originally Answered: How would i cite a television show that i have seen in my work cited page?
Google Citation-machine, and it should help you. If it doesn't, type in the name of the show on google, and go to it's website. it kind of depends on weather the show is educational or not. if not, and nothing works, then i don't know what to say. sry :)

Quinton Quinton
Glee and sadly, this show called HOUSE OF ANUBIS. the names weird but it has a great plot + no reruns cause the show well... has a plot lol. they post episodes everyday becus the serous is already over *its a show from overseas* + it has some history and i can be like *hehe i no what there talking about!* xD
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Mannix Mannix
Whose Line Is it Anyways? -but they stopped making new episodes a long time ago :( Mythbusters Chuck CSI Pretty Little Liars Glee :D
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