best time to buy a laptop?

best time to buy a laptop? Topic: best time to buy a laptop?
July 16, 2019 / By Cadogan
Question: im going to be freshman in college this coming fall. hence i need a laptop. the laptop ive have come to like the most is the dell XPS 12. should i buy on black Friday or wait until august how they have college student discounts. (best buy was giving out free xbox 360s last year) what would you guys do? and dose anyone know what deals best buy had for black Friday last year? okay fine no tablet but i still like the dell xps 13. but i dont think id want a used laptop, i know they aren't bad but id just rather pay for a new one.
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Alen Alen | 5 days ago
Not a tablet - word processing for homework is going to be easier with a keyboard. Trust me on this. A virtual keyboard is not the same... As to timing, if you want a new computer with the warranty and the best price - go for a clearance price when the latest thing is about to be released....rather like buying a 2012 model car just after the 2013s are out, so the dealers are motivated to get the 2012s off the lot to make space for the NEW model! If you don't mind a preowned computer (rather like a preowned - read that as "used" - car) - then eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon can be your friend. There are a lot of people who want the NEW and sell their previous (whatever) to help pay for it. A new laptop, a new car, an iPad 3 now that the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini have come out, or even something as large as a new house (or as small as a new iPhone or watch).
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Tamela Tamela
I'm with you. I can buy some things used, but not a computer. I like a brand new system that I know someone else didn't mess around with. I have found the best laptop deals to be on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. As long as you're not going to be putting the purchase on a credit card and paying interest on it until you really need it for college in the fall, I'd say go ahead and buy it on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Best Buy normally has a laptop for about $250 on Black Friday. Each store only has a handful of laptops at this price though. My cousin started waiting in line on Thanksgiving morning last year to get one, and he still barely got one. To me, it's not worth waiting in line and missing Thanksgiving for a deal on a laptop. You can usually find just as good of deals online anyways. The XPS 12 is a decent system, but buy on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and you'll get a much better system for the same price you're seeing now. Below is a link that should help. Good luck in college next year! My name is Brian, and I work with Dell.
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Rexanne Rexanne
There really isn't a best time to buy a laptop. Big sales generally happen when their stocks become slightly outdated, so performance to price ratio stays the same for the most part. You could always try a used laptop, those offer the best performance to price ratio. No offense, but the XPS 12 looks pointless and very underpowered. Don't fall for the tablet fad.
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Mildred Mildred
The best time to buy a laptop is probably after Christmas. During the Christmas shopping season, stores charge top dollar for electronics because they are in high demand. After Christmas ends, stores are stuck with all the electronics that did not sell during the shopping season, so they lower the prices. Hope this helps!
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