brother is abusive, i don't know what to do?

brother is abusive, i don't know what to do? Topic: brother is abusive, i don't know what to do?
June 26, 2019 / By Stefanie
Question: He's extremely confrontational and I've told him time and time again to leave me alone and to not touch me but lately he's been getting more agressive ever since he started puberty (he's 12). It probably sounds like I'm talking about an 18 year old or something, but no, just a 12 year old with an extremely shitty personality. He comes home from school angry (because of his personality he has no friends and therefor school is hard on him) and starts instigating fights with me and because he's been becoming stronger than me there's really nothing I can do if he decides to hit me. I tried telling my parents but they are terrible at parenting and always say something like "just stay out of his way" or "it's puberty". they've never once reprimanded him for anything he does so he has this mentality that he's high and mighty and talks back to everyone and refuses to shut up until he gets the last word, that's why it's difficult to be in the same house as him, since obviously i'm 4 years older than him so I deserve some respect when I ask him to pick up his mess or get off the computer and do his homework (he's on it all day doing god knows what), but no, it just wriles him up. Does anyone have any advice? At this point I'm just waiting until I'm 18 so I can move out.
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Quanda Quanda | 1 day ago
Seek a family doctor or therpist and tell them whats happening if nothing happens and hes gettin abusive call police
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Quanda Originally Answered: How do i deal with a abusive younger brother?
My older sister never hesitated to beat me up when I was a little sh**. Kick him in the balls and just go to town on him, I mean really wail on his a**. Give him such a beating that he will fear you. Seriously, he's your little brother, you don't have to take that, and you're a girl so don't even try to fight fair. Right when he least expects it, BAM, right in the crotch. It's easy after that. Hurt the little bugger. Or throw his game in the toilet. Or you could try a more reasonable approach and tell your parents that you think video games are making your brother violent. Tell them about the threats, they should take away his games.

Mead Mead
This is not good at all. I think he might be going through with something such as stress which can happen at an early age. Or, he might have anger issues that needs to be professionally treated. If this goes on any further it can lead him to be very violent and will be capable of physically harming himself or someone. If you are concern, you have options such as try speaking to a counselor or a school therapists (if you guys have one). Also, if your parents aren't going to discipline him then you take the step to do so. It's scary and hard on you since you are still so young but you have to save him from being so abusive. You still have hope!
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Laurissa Laurissa
nicely I even have an older brother as nicely...he's no longer that undesirable yet he's undesirable. i'm a mushy individual as nicely and my kin has long undergone couple issues yet i be attentive to what you sense like being the sufferer of a few thing no longer appropriate. besides what you may do is mabey set up a digicam and checklist ho he treats you(if its that undesirable) and in case you attempt that and it dosnt artwork for water reason tell a instructor or another person on your existence that may enable your mum and dad be attentive to what's particularly going on.
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Joanne Joanne
That is exactly the relationship between me and my brother. I just leave him alone. If he comes home angry, I don't ask him anything or comment or else he would start a fit. Hopes this helps :p
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Joanne Originally Answered: abusive parents.?
Your user name tells me you are either Indian or Pakistani. It is part of culture to respect and obey your elders. Unfortunately, desi parents need to losen up a little sometimes even in India or Pakistan. Talk to her or write to her. Tell her you will go live with relatives if she is too harsh on you. Hopefully, she won't kill you. This is probably the way she was raised and expects to raise her kids the same way. Talk to a relative. Confide in someone who can talk to her and hopefully she will listen. Good luck, hun!

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