Can anyone tell me why faith is better than reason?

Can anyone tell me why faith is better than reason? Topic: Can anyone tell me why faith is better than reason?
June 26, 2019 / By Tayler
Question: Why is "believing is seeing" a better approach to life than "seeing is believing"? Can faith be proven valuable than reason? If so, is reason required to do so or do you have to rely on faith to prove the value of faith?
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Best Answers: Can anyone tell me why faith is better than reason?

Robina Robina | 1 day ago
I'll take a crack at this... Point 1: Faith and Reason are not contradictory, and neither are they polar opposites. There are plenty of REASONS to have faith in God and to suggest that there is a God. Many atheists become theist through their study of science or through reason. Consider the philosopher C. S. Lewis (Mere Christianity), the lawyer Josh McDowell (Evidence that Demands a Verdict), or the journalist Lee Strobel (Case For a Creator)... Over even consider the "King of Reason"...Thomas Paine, himself...who was a non-Christian deists who wrote "The Age of Reason". And he used reason to "prove" the existance of God...and was a deist. Point 2: Is faith "more" valuable than reason...? A Christian would have to answer yes. For "reason" ALONE will not save you from your sins...but "faith" ALONE will save you from your sins. And if the difference is as extreme as an eternity in hell or an eternity in heaven, then a Christian MUST conclude that "faith" is more valuable than reason. Therefore, reason will tell you that faith is more important that reason, itself! And have to rely on "faith" to prove that faith is more valuable than reason. POINT 3: Regarinding "believing is seeing" vs. "seeing is believing"... In reality, this is a I have said in other answers... Jesus says, "IF you would believe, THEN you would see." The atheist says, "IF I would see, THEN I would believe." Therefore, the atheist does NOT see, but the believer DOES! After 20+ years of not "seeing", I became an atheist. I sat down to read the Bible to prove it wrong...and ended up "believing". And AFTER I believed, for the first time I saw the God revealed Himself to me. He didn't reveal Himself to be in order for me to beileve...but I believed...and then saw. - God bless. -
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Robina Originally Answered: Why so many lack faith?
For me it's disillusionment. i was actually a seminarian, studying to be a priest , at one point. I now see too many things that leads me to believe there is no god, at least not the god that we are all most familiar with. You know, the knob twiddler, wizard of ozish god that is in control of everything. If God is control of everything, then why doe he allow some of these tragedies? Is it to punish us? That's not a god i would like to believe in. So either god can't or won't stop bad things from happening and is therefore not worthy of me. As far as "accurate knowledge of a true god"--your words-- the concept of god has changed throughout the years. I know you won't, but you probably should read Karen Armstrong's History of God.

Moira Moira
interesting, here there is a proverb that say just the opposite : first you need to see then you can belief.
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Linn Linn
As a Christian I value faith. But faith alone is blind and stupid. With so much evidence in support of the Bible, and with God moving so visibly throughout the world today, you would have to chuck all reason out the window and plug your eyes not to believe.
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Kaley Kaley
If you see to believe than your faith will grow with the Lord and you will know that he exists and he will take care of you. In order to have faith you must believe in God.
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Hadassa Hadassa
Faith is believing on the fact you weren't there when it happened. Reason is based on some concrete facts in the present, and subject to faulter.
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I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe is a good one, if not Better is One Day by Kutless is a pretty good song too, hope these help.

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