Can lack of food make you tired and sick?

Can lack of food make you tired and sick? Topic: Can lack of food make you tired and sick?
June 18, 2019 / By Abbigail
Question: I know it might sound bad, but I eat one meal a day. I usually eat dinner when I come home, go to bed, wake up, skip breakfast to sleep in or get ready, go to school, skip lunch to do homework or talk to friends, and repeat. Please don't criticise me for being unheatlhy. I get sick almost every day. Whenever I eat anything, no matter what it is or how much, I use the bathroom right away and find myself hungry but unable to eat anything because breakfast/lunch/dinner time has already passed. I've also been completely exhausted lately. I go to bed anywhere from 10 - 11 pm every night, and wake up at 6:30 am. I should have no problem with sleep, but I'm wiped out all day long and don't feel like doing anything but sleeping. I sometimes skip my one meal a day to sleep, which my mom says isn't healthy. My mom is completely fine with me eating only once a day, and reccommends it to lose weight (she no longer lets me eat snacks when I come home from school), but I think it may be making me sick and exhausted. Is it just lack of sleep, or stress from school that's making me sick? I don't get that "hungry feeling" anymore, and I feel overly stuffed after eating or drinking anything, even something as small as a granola bar or a bottle of water. I never do. That's what leads me to believe it's just stress, but I just want to make sure. Thanks ^-^
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Stan Stan | 2 days ago
Eating more will make you feel less stressed, and it would also be good for you. Eating one meal a day isnt healthy. So, at lunch, bring carrots, or something healthy (fruit or veggie) to eat while talking to friends. Its really easy to snack. Also, its easy to eat fruit in the morning as breakfast, eat it while on your way to school (like a banana). Its okay if you feel stuffed, your body will digest it really fast, so by the time dinner comes around, you can eat that. But, if you don't eat enough, your body wont have enough energy (calories) and will not have enough nutrients or vitamins.
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Otniel Otniel
no, its not just stress. Im sorry if this sounds like criticism or rude but this is the truth. If you continue to stay on that diet, you will always feel sick and tired, and it will get much worse my friend. Its only natural that people including and especially teens eat a lot. Your growing and you need to eat something to help the growing process or you will never feel well. Heres the truth. Eating one meal,...BAD. You need to eat breakfast and lunch. Breakfast actually makes people happier healthier and much more active. Eating lunch helps during the afternoon and keeps the body pumping and moving right and on to survive until night. You continue to get sick because of lack of sleep and lack of food. If you miss breakfast lunch or dinner, you NEED to have a snack. It shouldn't be donuts or chips or anything unhealthy, try a a salad or a smoothie, or even apples and peanut butter, but you need something or it will get worse. Your exhausted because, once again, you have no food to be converted into energy and no sleep which keeps energy flowing throughout the day. Try going to bed at 9:00 or 9:15. I know its hard but do it. You need more rest and food. Im sorry this is very very VERY rude BUT your mom is very stupid. If your mother knew anything about being a good parent she wouldn't recommend eating one meal a day. You will grow up sick and you will die early. Your mom may have had weight issues or people teased her about her weight when she was young so she may not want you to go through the same thing but for gods sake dont starve yourself child. Your over stuffed because your bodys getting exhausted and cannot not support much more of it. Its not just stress its not that at all. Also make sure to get exercise and plenty of rest. Exercise will help your body but not eating or resting wont. Head my warning. Please, please, eat and sleep better. You need it. If you dont, it can lead to serious problems.
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Lester Lester
I used to not eat breakfast, but then I started too and I was able to think better. You should have at least two meals a day with a snack. Bring snacks to school if you need to. Eating makes you have less stress when you don't eat you will get sick like you do. And like me, I get headaches. Feel better Dax!
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Jamin Jamin
Hey Dax, basically here's the problem. You need to burn the calories. If you don't exercise then you don't burn any calories so it won't feel like you're hungry when really, your body needs food! So I suggest exercise to get your appetite back, that way you can eat a regular ammount of calories (at least lunch and dinner!) and loose weight, and ect. So basically here's your solution... Exercise Eat healthy and eat at least 2 square meals a day. =)
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watch some good movies. make urself a nice cup of green tea. Talk with your best friend an the phone or get a pet so you wont fill bored or lonely when u are home alone Hope get well very soon honey :) ♥

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