can someone help me with my psychology?

can someone help me with my psychology? Topic: can someone help me with my psychology?
June 26, 2019 / By Win
Question: i have to write an essay not too long. but i need some help.. this is the question: 1.(a) How would you classically condition an adventuresome 2-year-old to be more fearful of running across a busy street near her house? (b) How would you classically condition a preschool child who is afraid of dogs to enjoy playing with a neighbor's friendly dog? Be sure to identify the UCS, CS, UCR, and CR in both answers. i'm starting by defining classical conditioning and maybe using Pavlov's theory but i don't know how to explain it with the given situations. help me ..
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Sharona Sharona | 1 day ago
I Just took a test on this so i can definitely help! First of all the first example should not be classical conditioning, it should be operent conditioning because your training the boy to do something that he does consciously. A) you would condition this boy by using Negative Reinforcement, which means in order to get the boy to stop running in traffic you would add a consequence every time he does it. For example every time he runs into the street make him unload the dishwasher etc. B) To condition the child to love dogs, you should conduct an experiment that makes the child associate the dog with a pleasant feeling. For example you might present the child with his favorite candy after a dog is presented in the room. UCS: Candy UCR: Plea sent feeling CS: Dog CR: Pleasant feeling when dog enters a room I hope that answers your question!
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Paise Paise
Even if this was 5 years ago that chick is wrong. UCS: dog UCR: fear CS: candy CR: pleasant feelings with dog This is classical conditioning because the child is associating stimuli. You would use operant conditioning to teach the girl to not cross the street by using punishment.
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Maralyn Maralyn
a)You would have to make the two year old negatively associate the busy road with some thing. You could make a loud noise every time she goes near the road, which would scare her, then every time she goes near the road she will be expecting to hear the noise which will make her not want to go there - i hope you get what i mean, i don't think i explained it very well. b) You would have to associate dogs with something positive and gradually the child will begin to associate dogs with a positive feeling Sorry i can't remember what UCS, CS UCR and CR stand for but that's the general idea
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Kinborough Kinborough
classical conditioning? i don't never heard of this before. but i would make him grow more fearful by acting out an accident, or using toys to tell him or show him.
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Janette Janette
It does artwork, if youre talking on the ideal difficulty to the ideal individual. If its evident the guy will call you out of direction. some human beings arent even able to pulling it off to permit you recognize the reality.
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