Can someone offer a distinction between college and graduate school?

Can someone offer a distinction between college and graduate school? Topic: Can someone offer a distinction between college and graduate school?
June 24, 2019 / By Ailse
Question: for example, you don't get housing or a meal plan if you're in grad school right? also how are the classes different? are you even more independent?
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Tommi Tommi | 9 days ago
You can't attend graduate school until you graduate from college. You need a Bachelor's degree to be able to apply to grad school, you are earning a Master's or PhD. Grad students are independent adults, they typically don't live on campus or participate in the "college life" with the undergrads. They sometimes work as teaching assistants in the undergrad classes, grading their work and exams. The classes are much more difficult, they expect a lot from you and you are often working on a thesis or dissertation. Basically it's just more work towards earning a higher degree than just a college degree.
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Tommi Originally Answered: Getting into a great college if I graduate high school in three years?
i dont think graduating in three years will really affect your admissions into college if you took the same number of credits and passed all the pre-requisites of anyone else graduating from your high school... your grades are good, and *IF* you've done a lot of clubs, sports, extra curriculars, volunteering, and instruments, had work experience and can write a good essay, you should have a fairly good shot at getting into a top-notch college, but now you just gotta back up everything else with good test scores (even though test scores arent everything)

Ray Ray
Depends on the school. My son lived off campus anyway, but his graduate school did have some on campus housing he didn't use since he and his wife lived in town anyway. He had (has, only now he is working on the PhD) a fellowship that provides living expenses. So, that is sort of like housing and meals! Usually, it is more independent, yes. You eventually finish the classes you need, and then spend time researching (or teaching if you have a teacher-ship instead of a fellowship). It is very time consuming! Did you ever see an old Simpson's where they are throwing bread to ducks and the grad students grab it! They are told not to feed the grad students. I might not be really that bad, but close!
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Matania Matania
Well graduate school occurs after you finish your 4 year degree (college). Graduate school can be Law school, Medical School or a Master's program. As far as housing, I don't know how it differs as I do not live on campus for graduate school. I do know as far as financial aid you are entitled to more money as a graduate student. Classes in graduate school are more difficult. You are expected to THINK. Many of my college courses were simply lectures and exams. So far, I haven't had one exam graduate school, but rather projects and papers. They want you to develop good thinking and application skills (as when you finish you will have an advanced degree). This could also vary depending on what you are studying. As far as being more independent, I am not sure what you mean. They will not baby sit you if that's what you mean. Again, you are studying for an advance level degree, so they expect a certain level of responsibility from you.
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Jimmie Jimmie
You do get housing and a meal plan in Graduate school. College ( community college) is the regular two year institutions that offer transfers after getting AA degrees to a university. Both are extremely different!
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Gomer Gomer
Graduate students can get housing and meals if they so choose, but graduate school are far less stringent about requiring students to live on campus. You don't take nearly as many classes as a graduate student. Yes, you are more independent.
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Driskoll Driskoll
Graduate school refers to someone who has a college degree and wants to go back to school for a higher degree such as a masters or doctorate...
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Interesting dilemma. While I may not be an expert on this field, I do possess some knowledge on Medical Admission. I think you should graduate in 3 years with you Bachelor Degree. Then at the fourth year, you can prep for the MCAT and do something interesting (an extracurricular or two) that will catch the admission team's eye.

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