can someone please answer my questions about scholarships?

can someone please answer my questions about scholarships? Topic: can someone please answer my questions about scholarships?
July 16, 2019 / By Valarie
Question: ok, so i know what they are and stuff.........can you use a scholarship for an out of state college? these are the colleges i would like to get into: university of virginia, ohio university, university of vermont, university of pennsylvania, university of texas at austin, university of pittsburgh, university of michigan, and hunter college. all of these colleges are out of state accept hunter...... can you tell me what different scholarships they offer....... also my chances of getting in since im an out of state student(except for hunter). i know its pretty hard but i want to get away from new york for awhile , sooo what gpa score do i have to have, sat,act scores and things like that
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Schuyler Schuyler | 7 days ago
there are so many different types of scholarships u can apply for.. you can get tons of scholarships.. there are many sites you can apply at... alot of people think that they cant get a scholarships so they dont even bother. but keep in mind if that if 1/1 person applies theyre obviously going to get it... you're more than likely going to have to show them your SATs scores.. write essays.. etc like that ... apply alot! on each scholarship sites theyll show you what is required and instructions on how to apply! easiest is way is go to a nearest college.. even if its a community college they have information about where to apply!
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Nyree Nyree
Like the previous answers said there are loads of scholarships across the internet and your respective state. Many scholarships are awarded from private funding or organizations. I would do a google search in your state. Schools also offer different types of scholarship, they are awarded to students with higher GPAs, Involvement in student activities, SAT/ACT scores, Essays, Recommendation letters...etc. Look at those colleges that you are interested in, at their scholarship requirements. Below is scholarships the schools you listed offer.
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Mädchen Mädchen
There's all kinds of scholarships, and they all have different requirements. When you look for them, you just need to look for one's you fit qualifications for. Using fastweb helped me a lot, but I would also check in with your high school's scholarship coordinator, because that's how I got 2 of the scholarships I did, was because she helped me.
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Mädchen Originally Answered: do you answer questions.?
I answer questions for the 2 points. If I answer questions in certain sections like Homework Help, Science & Mathematics, Hobbies & Crafts, or other educational sections, i always hope for a best answer. I mean I am helping someone learn things so yea it makes you feel good when you get a best answer in those categories because they feel like you helped them. Always a good feeling. =] Polls & Surveys just for the 2 points.

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