can someone please help me with this lame homework assignment? PLEASE?

can someone please help me with this lame homework assignment? PLEASE? Topic: can someone please help me with this lame homework assignment? PLEASE?
June 27, 2019 / By Audrey
Question: i have to write a paragraph or something about "what life would be like without mirrors??" its from this lame story we had to read. someone please help me.... and you would still have water to see yourself in but not clearly like you wouldnt be able to see the imperfections.
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Abbie Abbie | 9 days ago
Sure. First of all, your biggest problem is the attitude you've chosen (I know about this -- used to do it myself). Have some fun with this -- how would your daily life be different if there were no mirrors. How would you do your hair, makeup, etc. How would you handle driving with no side or rear-view mirrors? How would we come around blind corners in the hallway? Be inventive -- have a "make-up buddy" board in the school cafeteria. Have a 5-minute hair check after gym. Have a seat in every car facing backwards, with a required passenger to watch out behind. Focus on spy tools, when we don't have those little mirrors to see around corners. How would the dentist look at the back of your teeth? Perhaps a trained pygmy marmoset who knows sign language?
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Abbie Originally Answered: Is this a lame way to begin my college essay?
I'd drop the "at least that's what" to make it flow better (have you tried reading your essay out loud? It helps make sure you sound natural.) I think it's a fine beginning. We're teenagers; colleges know that we're not perfect, nor have all of us even really had time to live. It doesn't particularly inspire me to drop everything I'm doing and read the rest of the essay, but that's fine. Hm. How long is your description of your confusion about yourself? If it's only a sentence or two, I might drop it entirely in favor of some way of saying "[somethingsomething: maybe either, "I'm a teenager and," or "My friends say I'm a good student. Despite that, I'm unsure"] I'm unsure of many things about myself; the one thing I am sure of, however, is blablabla." Your essay has a cohesive story arc, though. Major points for that. A lot of our fellow seniors really don't understand that (ie, my friend who got rejected from her first choice college early decision despite being in their top 25% of GPA and SAT scores--too bad she'd never talk to me again if I told her that! Sorry for the little whining. High school drama is so fail, no?), which gives you a big leg up on the competition. However, try not to do too many things. Doing a lot of things in your essay can be cool (I arc between story to story, generally. Here's the beginning of my love for words for 60 words, here it continues for 150, here's how that led me to a subject in which I excel, here is the beginning of my success at writing for 200, or some such). However, trying to sell too many points might backfire if you just end up sounding scattershot. Use your judgment, but I trust you'll be fine. Best of luck to you!

Stacy Stacy
Well make a web what would things be like people wouldnt be so obseesed with their look more people would focus on school and education we wouldnt be able to see ourselves we would be less judgement of others we would have to put on makeup with out a mirror just put that into sentences
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Othniel Othniel
Life without mirrors is a life without being able to see your face! Without mirrors you have to put your friends makeup on for her and hope she can do a good job on yours. without mirrors you might not notice that extra jelly roll forming on your waist,that is until your pants won't button anymore. Without mirrors you would have to go to the pond if you wanted to catch a wavy glimpse of yourself and try not to get distracted by the school of fish swimming underneath your reflection. The good thing is if you looked bad you would never know it until someone was rude enough to tell you.
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Lesley Lesley
haha, i read that they give lame questions like this to kids for homework to make them think for themselves because -- so they think -- the kids can't find other people's set oppinions to use for their own. "write about america" will give you too much of other people's thoughts to use, but "write about a brick" will force you to use your own. But you have found a way to get other people's thoughts anyway! good for you! You will probably work in management some day!
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Jamie Jamie
well i'd say it wouldnt really matter since you can have cameras right? then you would still know what you look like. but if you couldnt have anything that shows you what you look like, i would want ever so badly to know what i look like. i think it would be frustrating. hope i helped :D
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France France
Well for a start their would be less vain people. Maybe people will be less selfish, it could be a good thing.
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France Originally Answered: Skipping homework assignment?
If I were you, I would try to do it the best that I can (even if thats not very good in the early morning hours) and then try to get a little bit of sleep. Bad home work is much better than no home work when you're talking about averaging in a 0% versus a 20% in your final grade

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