Can you guys help me with this Biology homework?

Can you guys help me with this Biology homework? Topic: Can you guys help me with this Biology homework?
June 19, 2019 / By Teri
Question: First Question: How are bacteria different from plants and animals? Second Qjuestion: How does a Dichotomous Key help classify organims? I've looked everywhere for these answers and can't find them, if you guys know it would be a huge help.
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Rosa Rosa | 1 day ago
Bacteria are prokaryotes: 1. Have no nucleus and have no membrane-bound organelles (like mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, etc.) 2. Are unicellular. Plants and animals are eukaryotes: 1. Have a nucleus and have membrane-bound organelles to do various tasks inside the cell. 2. Are multicellular with specialized tissues for different functions. --- I forgot to answer your second question! A dichotomous key is something you use to find out what something is: naming a tree, a fish, a worm, a bacterium, or some other living thing that you don't know. The good thing about a dichotomous key is that you start at the beginning and you just follow the "steps" until you come to the name. Each "step" is a pair of questions, and you check to see which one matches the organism you are trying to name or classify. There are some examples of dichotomous keys on the Internet. Here is the link to an easy one to understand: You can make up some answers and follow the key to see how it works. Just click the link at the end of each question.
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Rosa Originally Answered: Help with Biology Homework?
1- F 2- T 3- T 4- F 5-F 6- T 7- Prokaryotes 8- Don't know 9- Snakes would most likely survive. Reason 1: frogs require water for reproduction. 2- Snakes have dry, scaly skin hich allows for water retention, whereas frogs have soft , slimy skin with easy air diffusion, and less water retention.

Monta Monta
Bacteria have very simple, unicellular structures, while plants and animals are very complex, multicellular organisms. I am not really familiar with the Dichotomous Key. I think that it can be thought of as a flow chart. You are given various options and you follow the option that best classifies the organism. That will lead you to the next level of the Key, where you may make another decision and eventually you will be able to deduce the correct classification of the organism.
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Lisanne Lisanne
Well bacteria are uni-cell, while plants and animal cells are multi-cell organisms. While on the 2nd question I don't know what Dichotomous key is =\.
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Karaugh Karaugh
Bacteria is a uni celluar which means that it has a one cell. plant cells contain chloroplasts etc. A dichotomous key shows how closely organisms are related.
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Karaugh Originally Answered: Biology homework help?
A. Movement - Living - Insect; Non-living - Weather system B. Energy use - Living - Dolphin; non-living - star C. Response to stimuli - Living Amoeba; non-living - water responding to stimuli of heat to become steam/water vapor. D. Excrete wastes - Living - Cow; non-living - Volcanoe E. Growth and development - Living - Tree; non-living - mountain KEEP STUDYING SCIENCE!

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